Morrissey on Airport Security & ISIS, 11,000 Bonus Starwood Points and 15,000 American Miles

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News and notes from around the interweb:

  • The Fidelity Investment Rewards American Express is a popular cash back card earning 2% on everything. I’m more partial to Citi Double Cash which has broader acceptance than an American Express (and also has no fee, and earns 1% when you make a purchase and then another 1% when you pay the bill).

    But one inconvenience of Fidelity Investment Rewards is apparently less of an inconvenience than I thought. Instead of opening a Fidelity account for the rebates to deposit into, Doctor of Credit points out that you can redeem for statement credits — and as long as you’re redeeming 25,000 points you’ll still get the full 1 cent per point and thus 2% rebate. A little more complicated than Citi Double Cash, but certainly useful to some.

  • With Delta going with Starbucks, United making the bold (and hopefully awesome) move of choosing illy, American now says they’re changing their coffee, too. “We have a new blend that should making the rounds soon. …We’re making an improvement with darker, bolder roast. Changing the blend to improve the quality and taste.” No details yet…

  • Starwood is offering bonus points for staying at at least 9 of their 11 brands by end of year. (They’ve modified the promotion, with the addition of Design Hotels, to give you varying points for 9, 10, or 11 brands). You can see your progress by logging into your SPG Dashboard. (HT: Loyalty Lobby)

  • In ATC Reform News, Robert Poole calls the claims made by Delta’s senior vice president, flight operations to Cranky Flier and in Crain’s New Yorklibelously false.”

    Delta is alone among major airlines fighting to preserve the air traffic control status quo over efforts to separate it into an independent non-profit corporation the way Canada has successfully done. Poole suspects that Delta has a tight grip on status quo air traffic reforms and would lose its control in a de-politicized environment.

  • Morrissey thinks airport security is worse than ISIS. TSA is useless for security, violates rights and breaks the law, and has made us less safe. But if we’re ‘ranking bad’ I’d consider ISIS to be worse. Though in fairness that’s surely damning with faint praise.

  • You can earn 3000 American Airlines miles per Wyndham stay which commences by February 29 and is complete by March 7 — up to 15,000 miles for 5 stays. That’s a great deal for Wyndham stays since those tend to be reasonably inexpensive. Registration is required. (HT: Frequent Flyer Bonuses)

  • American will be offering pajamas in business class on their Los Angeles – Sydney flight, presumably because their joint venture partner Qantas does and Qantas customers have become used to that amenity. Now comes word that Delta will offer pajamas in business class on their Los Angeles – Sydney and Shanghai flights, with more routes likely in the future. That Delta inflight product does seem to keep improving, even if many of their policies (and not just SkyMiles) do not.

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  1. What’s with the pajamas up front? Are there people who really want to go to the lav, take off all their clothes, find somewhere to store them, and then sleep on the airplane in PJs? Really? Why not also accommodate folks who prefer to sleep in the nude? 🙂

    I’ve not actually seen this. I thought I was supposed to get some pajamas on an Air China flight in biz class, but none showed up. Maybe you have to be in first class. I was going to take them home. I have a local restaurant that gives you half off for showing up at Sunday brunch in PJs, so I thought maybe I could use a pair.

  2. American’s new coffee will be diluted, just like their mileage program…
    Morrissey should talk – if TSA had his attendance record at concerts, the air travel industry would come to a standstill…

    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving

  3. I totally get that there are problems with the TSA, but to compare them to ISIS demeans all who suffer at ISIS’s hands. Come on Moz, get some sort of insight into the real world.

    I love the PlayMobil airport security set!

  4. @iahphx – I take transatlantic flights on a semi-regular basis and several of us in F and J change clothes right after boarding. There’s no way I would be wearing slacks for 8-10 hours when I can throw on some basketball shorts. Some attendants hang your clothes for you, other times you can easily fold them and put them up top.

  5. I love changing into my new airline pjs! It’s one of the great perks of up front flying, imo. What I hate is having to take them off. : (

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