Thanksgiving Airline Strike Coming, New Etihad Lounge Open, and Concealed Carry Permits as TSA ID?

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  1. I’d be curious what the argument is for not accepting weapons permits. REAL ID requirements, perhaps? Maybe states just generally aren’t stringent enough about handing them out, or they’re too easy to forge.

    There’s an interesting angle to this somewhere, I’d bet.

  2. I doubt it has anything to do with READ-ID, I’ve actually seen people allowed past the TSA line gatekeepers with nothing more than a SS card. Another time was a utility bill, and another when the TSA agent told the person their DL was expired but let them though anyway.

    More likely is that the current administration making a political policy – as usual.

  3. I presented a TSA agent with my HSPD-12 PIV card and was told “we don’t take this”. After a bit of research after I got through security, I found out (Surprise!) that the TSA agent was 100% wrong per TSA’s list of acceptable forms of ID.

  4. On a whim I tried my concealed permit once, and they did accept it. Maybe the person checking knew what it was and what it meant. I’ve had my Global Entry card refused once when I tried it. Hows that for a bit of irony……

  5. I travel several times a week for my job and I had to use my Texas Concealed Carry Permit for about a month, because i had lost my DL. Must have taken at least 10 trips through TSA using my CCP without any issues.

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