Man Runs Onto Denver Tarmac Trying to Stop a Flight

The 58 year old man who tried to stop a United flight in August because he was late trying to get to his 40th high school reunion in Ohio pled guilty to “misdemeanor tampering.”

He was sentenced to 2 years’ probation and 100 hours of community service. He had been charged with felony endangering public transportation.

When I first saw this, I thought “but how did he get on the tarmac in the first place?”

Rehmar, on foot, chased down the driver of a tug that was pushing back an airplane, forcing the driver to stop. Rehmar then “insisted on boarding the aircraft,” the statement says.

Authorities say Rehmar pushed open a secure emergency exit because he was late for the flight. The door triggered an alarm, and airport employees and Denver police responded.

The best part, though, is that there’s video:

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  1. This actually happened at my high school reunion., Well, sort of. There was a guy missing, and when I asked where he was, someone sitting at my table said he had gotten a text message, and the missing friend had gotten a flat on the way to the airport and had missed his flight. No, my friend did not try to run on to the tarmac or storm the plane. 🙂

  2. Can’t be certain from the video, but were the baggage handlers the ones who provided the security role in this or was there a dramatic moment when a Denver police officer commandeered a tug? I guess that would be 3 police officers commandeering tugs…..

  3. Look at the police’s response time. It’s a good thing this guy didn’t mean any actual harm to that plane or any of those ground crew. The fact that someone can just walk out an exit and up to a plane is shocking. This is the TSA and all the other zillion authorities hanging around airports keeping us safe.

  4. Something similar worked for me in the 1980’s in ABQ Continental. Late for a plane, wife had damage to knee and local hospital said they wouldn’t operate but get her to big city within 24 hrs. I tipped skycap large and he off through some door (all pre 9-11), with wife in wheelchair, and 15 yr old along. CO flight stops, moves back toward gate, opens door and wife/son board. Skycap gets equally large on success. All pre 9-11.

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