American’s Website Has Been Updated, But Some Things Are… Missing

Yesterday I wrote about a new feature on American’s website to track checked bags in real time.

As an aside at the end I added that a reader had shared a reservation where their request for a systemwide upgrade was showing in their reservation, which was new to me. Most readers’ experiences differed. It seems that systemwide requests were showing for some people and not others.

Last night Teddy commented,

Just logged into, and it looks like they’ve updated their website since earlier today. The updated version now shows that the systemwide upgrades were “requested”. I guess they read this blog after all. Haha.

Teddy had previously noted in the comments that they’re flying on Sunday and their request was not showing.

TokinaMaso replied,

Yes, the whole website has been redesigned, but I still don’t see my requested SWUs. What are others (who also didn’t see before) seeing?

Teddy, your flight leaves tomorrow (9/20) so that confirms my theory that sometimes you see them as requested as your flight time approaches. Do you see them both on outbound and inbound or only for the 9/20 flight?

Updates to the American website do see to be a work in progress. Prompted by these comments I went to the website myself, though I have no tickets to book today and I’m not flying for a couple of days.

Reservations have a new look.

Personally, I like the old style better. This format though reminds me of an update, more modern take on the old US Airways reservations display.

Flight options are at the top.

A couple of things seem missing though. American lets you request your meal ahead of time (up to 24 hours prior to flight) if you’re confirmed in first class on a meal flight. However the option to do so does not appear on reservations at this time.

Perhaps it will appear closer to departure, but there’s no button for a same day flight change. American’s old reservation format would show the button but it would be grayed out until available.

I do see systemwides listed on a reservation, though it’s one where those upgrades are confirmed rather than waitlisted:

It does seem like changes are rolling out but they’re… unfinished.

I realize it’s possible that different people are involved, and that highly skilled teams can walk and chew gum at the same time, but I’m surprised to see changes within 30 days of all US Airways flights becoming American flights. I’d expect that to be the singular focus of American’s IT.

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  1. I wish it would also show the status of mileage/co-pay upgrade (CP1, CP2) requests – I always have to call in to verify they have been set up correctly, as in the past I have found that we were not on the list when we should have been.

  2. Jeff, you can see booking class, breakdown of fare and taxes (that’s now gone) and pretty much everything the way it was before, if you click “Print trip and receipt” at the bottom of the page.

  3. JonNYC says the meal request will return sometime in November.

    I miss that, the easy links to see detailed fare rules. I like simple, but honestly this looks more like the idiot light on my car dashboard instead of an instrument. Vapid..

  4. @Jose K – I posted an update in my first post earlier this morning on meal requests returning in November, since they were pulled 30 days from US Airways flights becoming American flights and because meal requests windows open 30 days out I assume this has to do with US Airways

  5. Twitter team can tell you food options and confirm your pick. I just did it today. I’m sure they have better things to do though so I would bombard them.

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