American Rolls Out Online Luggage Tracking and International Upgrade Request Status

While American and US Airways are moving onto the American Airlines reservations system October 17, they’ve kept the US Airways baggage tracking system which was actually quite good.

As a result they now offer online baggage tracking.

It’s not the most mobile-friendly site, and it hasn’t been integrated into the current release of the airline’s mobile app yet (although I assume from the photo they posted to twitter it will be soon). But in my past experience with US Airways it’s highly functional — showing when a bag has actually been loaded onto an aircraft, for instance, which can mean peace of mind during transit.

Delta has had this capability for awhile, and as I say so has US Airways. So it’s good to see it at American too.

Systemwide upgrade requests now show online with a reservation at a minimum close to departure. Reader Jill shows me that her upcoming international ticket now shows that she has requested an upgrade. You no longer have to wonder if the agent you called really put in the request. (That’s no substitute for a functional online ability to search for confirmed upgrade space and the ability to request international upgrades online, but that’s another matter.)

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  1. Regarding requested SWU. It’s not showing up on my reservation. Could we get a screenshot where it is supposed to be shown? I think it shows as requested only when you are close to departure, but not earlier than that.

  2. Gary, maybe I’m blind but where can one see that the systemwide upgrade has been requested on the reservation? I’ve been searching but I can’t seem to see it. Thanks

  3. It looked to me (last week) that AA have removed all upgrade to business availability for future dates (expert flyer) and now release seats only 3 days in advance, this is a big step back. If true, unable to book an upgrade at time of booking further than 3 days ahead.

  4. When is the travel date for this LHR-DFW flight, Gary? Is it perhaps already in airport control? I have seen such think in my reservation, but only days or perhaps even hours before trip, can’t remember now.

    I’m sure I have SWU requested for my upcoming reservation (I have called a couple of times just to make sure). But it doesn’t show up on

  5. Same as the other commenters, this is not showing up at all on my upcoming trips where I have requested to use an SWU.

  6. My 27 Sept flight LHR-LAX still says Contact AA for upgrade awards And under Request Upgrade column still says N/A but for connecting LAX-HNL it says Systemwide Upgrade Confirmed. But I did request the LHR-LAX and I am wait listed – just confirmed with agent – although the that is not reflected online.

  7. The SWU ‘requested’ is not anything new but not reliable. I’ve seen both N/A and requested, but not consistent. My upcoming reservation shows N/A.

  8. Is it possible that the reservation was recently made, or the flight is coming up very soon? I don;t see that either.

    Depart: Los Angeles ( LAX ) Arrive: New York ( JFK ) Systemwide Upgrade Confirmed
    Depart: New York ( JFK ) Arrive: Sao Paulo ( GRU ) Contact AA for upgrade awards* N/A

  9. I’m having the same experience. I booked a flight from MIA to MAD back on 7/22. My flight leaves on 9/20 and it’s still showing “Contact AA for upgrade awards* – N/A”. I’ve called AA a few times over the last few weeks and they’ve confirmed I’m waitlisted, but there’s a part of you in the back of your mind that really wonders if that’s the case when you’re only two days away from your flight…

  10. I had this “call agent” even when my upgrade had cleared at booking. The return flight showed the normal “confirmed”. In both cases my selected biz seat was showing. When I first noticed this, called in but agent assured me all was fine. (I was a bit concerned since I made the booking in January for flights last month and was using one eVIP that was to have expired at the end of last February (and that’s the flight that showed “call agent”). In the end all was indeed well, there was no clawback or request for a 2016 expiring eVIP to replace the Feb2015 expiring one I was able to use. But do agree, this definitely needs improvement, both with the ability to actually request eVIP upgrades online without having to call in, and fixing this particular bug.

  11. The requested evips showing is not new. Some show. Some don’t. I think it is how the agent requests it and if u are dealing with an AA native res or a res booked by an OTA or travel agency.

  12. Just logged into, and it looks like they’ve updated their website since earlier today. The updated version now shows that the systemwide upgrades were “requested”. I guess they read this blog after all. Haha.

  13. Yes, the whole website has been redesigned, but I still don’t see my requested SWUs. What are others (who also didn’t see before) seeing?

    Teddy, your flight leaves tomorrow (9/20) so that confirms my theory that sometimes you see them as requested as your flight time approaches. Do you see them both on outbound and inbound or only for the 9/20 flight?

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