American’s 787: That’s GOTTA Hurt!

American just brought the Boeing 787 into service.

That feeling when you get a new car, it even still smells new, and a rock hits the windshield.. or you spill something on the seats. Or maybe it’s a brand new couch that you stain.

Apparently American flight AA88, Beijing – Dallas, suffered a severe birdstrike today.

It’s unlikely the flight made it back to Beijing in time so that some passengers might have made it onto the late Air China flight to Los Angeles, I imagine all will be spending the night. Some will get re-accommodated on the next day’s Dallas flight, and others on the next morning’s Chicago flight. And still others may wind up on another carrier.

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  1. Others are saying it was routed into a hail storm like the DL plane that had to be scrapped a few weeks back. Makes you start to wonder about ATC protocol over there.

  2. So how long does something like that take to repair? What is the impact on AA’s schedule in the meantime? It’s not like they have a bunch of extra 787s sitting around idle to swap in.

  3. Yeah, I don’t think one of those dent-removing magnets will work here –unless it’s a really BIG one
    . ; )

  4. If the damage is really just the radome, that’s great. That part is actually meant to be replaced. I’m sure Boeing can “overnight” them a replacement. I’m still curious why all the flight trackers have it holding in position over Alaska. Google at least has it PEK-PEK now.

  5. Gary, the photo does, in fact, depict a hail storm, not a bird strike.

    More specifically, I highly recommend not using AirLive as a source for ANYTHING, as they are not experts in any capacity, lift and steal content from others, and sensationalize minor topics.

    Have a good day!

  6. It seems unusual if not suspicious the the bird struck the apex of the nose cone. The photos are such poor quality. Wouldn’t there be bird bits and blood on the plane

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