100,000 Point Signup Bonus Back on American Express Platinum Card!

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CreditCards.com CardMatch Tool

Frequently American Express gives better offers to Creditcards.com than they give to anyone else. That’s because the CreditCards.com CardMatch Tool lets them evaluate you based on actual information.

They do not do a hard pull of your credit, using the Cardmatch tool doesn’t affect your credit score. It just lets them identify whether or not to offer you a bigger bonus for American Express cards. They’re looking at your information to see if you’re eligible is all. (They have other cards as well, but it’s Amex that seems to give bigger offers through this website.)

100,000 Point Offer: Platinum Card from American Express

I retrieved this offer today, July 3:

The standard offer for the Platinum American Express card is a 40,000 point signup bonus. 100,000 points is huge — especially because when offered (mostly on the Business Platinum, via direct mail) it comes with a much larger spend requirement than $3000.

As well, the card comes with a $200 annual airline fee credit which operates on a calendar year. You can receive it in 2015, and again during the first half of 2016, and still be within your first cardmember year.

You get Delta lounge access when flying the airline same day and a Priority Pass Select card which comes with unlimited lounge visits for you — and that gets you access to Alaska Airlines lounges and lounges around the world. You get Starwood Gold status and National Car Rental Executive status as well.

And of course you get unlimited access with same day travel to American Express’ own lounges like the Centurion clubs in:

Fawning over the short rib at the Centurion Lounge in Miami

50,000 Point Offer: Premier Rewards Gold

I retrieved this offer today, July 3:

double the bonus

I’ve been an American Express Premier Rewards Gold cardholder for several years. It’s been the strongest Membership Rewards-earning card for a long time. The Premier Rewards Gold card offers 25,000 points usually.

Membership Rewards are one of the most valuable currencies because they transfer to a variety of different airline (and hotel) programs, in many cases instantly. That lets you accrue very flexible points, deciding where to put them later when you know what trip you want to book and which partner has award availability.

The Premier Rewards Gold card has made some changes this month — adding a $100 airline fee credit, a new category bonus double points on dining, and no foreign transaction fees. The annual fee has gone up $20 to $195 — but is still $0 introductory the first year.

So spending category bonuses are — 3X for flights booked directly with airlines; 2X points at US restaurants; 2X points at US gas stations; 2X points at US supermarkets.

And the $100 airline fee credit is available for your choice of:

  • Alaska
  • American
  • Delta
  • Hawaiian
  • JetBlue
  • Southwest
  • United

And because the benefit is based on calendar year, you can receive the $100 twice during your first cardmember year (that has no annual fee). In other words, get the card now and use the $100 fee credit before the end of 2015, and again at the beginning of 2016. You net $200.

50,000 Mile Offer: Gold Delta SkyMiles Credit Card from American Express

I also managed to retrieve this today:

double the bonus

The public 50,000 mile signup bonus offer ended June 30, but it’s still being made available through the CardMatch tool.

In fact, it’s even better – because last month’s public offer required $2000 in spend and the one I found requires only $1000 in purchases to earn the signup bonus. The card has a $0 fee the first year, then $95.

Plenty of folks won’t receive these offers, they pull your credit details so know if you’re a current cardholder for instance, but if you’re not there’s no reason not to check if you can get these signup bonus offers

CreditCards.com CardMatch Tool

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  1. No love for me on either Amex. Probably the fourth or fifth time I’ve checked CardMatch. Not sure why I don’t fit their target…

  2. You mention at the end they pull in your info and so know if you’re already an AMEX customer and so one likely won’t receive the offers. Also detailed how you’re a long time PRG holder. Yet you received these offers?

  3. @Mike H – gave me pause, too. But, looking back, in both cases he said “retrieved” and not “received”.

  4. No luck for me or my wife. Both current Amex holders but not plat, prg or delta gold holders. We didn’t see any Amex offers at all. Too bad.

  5. I’ve tried this cardmatch tool 3 times and have never received a match for American Express cards. 🙁

  6. I had the Plat a few years back but the fee was too hefty for me. What is the run-it-back timeline to know if I am eligible for getting the bonus again?

  7. I got all excited when seeing the headline, then realized it is through CardMatch, and CardMatch only gives me offers for cards I already have or for cards I wouldn’t bother wasting a hard pull on. So, the tool is rather useless for me. I guess I’ll hope for a snail mail targeted offer or a magical link to surface (not holding my breath )…

  8. Been checking card match for over a year and only chase is worth applying but then again not anymore. Never once an Amex offer

  9. No Amex offers for me either, just offers for the chase and capitol one cards I already have!

  10. I agree with most comments. No AmEx offers from this site. Nice to read the others’ experience. Won’t waste my time on this anymore. I am working on spend for a mailed offer. Business gold. 75,000 MR points with $5k spend in 3 months which is doable. Halfway there & still in 1st billing cycle ✈️

  11. Got Amex Platinum 100K points offer in my snail mail but considering I’m just starting to collect points/miles, not a frequent traveler (2 international, 2-3 domestic flights per year) and it’s worth mentioning my dad says it’s stupid to be paying annual fees. I had to jump on the Amex Gold Premier offer though because it was double the points and half the spend at 50K points/1K spend and it is my first Amex. I will downgrade sooner or later.

  12. I got excited when I saw the headline, every time I’ve used CardMatch I’ve had a number of Amex offers. Signed up for a 75k bonus a few years ago. However, this time it gave me chase cards I already have and a bunch of Capitol One cards. No Amex at all… I probably would have jumped on this if it was offered.

  13. I have never once gotten a good offer from Card Match for either myself or my wife. Laaaame

  14. Is it true that you quit your University professor job for good and now a full time blogger+ a mileage runner & a credit card chunner for a living?

  15. It should be noted that once you receive an AMEX bonus on a personal card you can not get that bonus again (for that type of card) ever again (once in your lifetime)

  16. @Cutejoshflyingjr I still work a full time job. I have never been a mileage runner (though I have gone on one or two mileage runs in 15 years)

  17. I just received 100k offer by checking the tab on Amex website that says card offers for you.

  18. I’ve never used Amex points. What will 100K points turn into for an airline ticket? Do you convert them to program miles (AA)? Do you use them to “buy” a ticket through Amex Travel – and if so what would they be worth?

  19. @als – they transfer to a variety of frequent flyer programs like Aeroplan (Star Alliance member, 45k points is a business class one-way to western europe, fuel surcharges on half their partners), Delta, Singapore, British Airways, etc.

  20. For this CardMatch tool, Does Gary get referral $$$ when we click on the link, or on conversion (applying for a card)? With the relatively low success rates—I’m clearly not the only one that is bothered—I wonder if it’s the former…

  21. I have checked the card match tool hundreds of times for both myself and my wife, and neither of us have ever seen a SINGLE American Express card come up in the list of offers. Meh…

  22. I just got the PRG for that deal as well. Haven’t had AMEX until now since they had the bonus’ for the Delta Platinum and the PRG. Hopefully the 100,00 Platinum will still be around in a few months. Got the PRG and Delta Platinum in the same day a couple weeks ago, don’t want to push my luck with them. I will wait another 3-4 months before another round of apps.

  23. Signed up for the card about a month ago, I’ve opened a case with AMEX to pull the additional 60k bonus points…here’s to hoping they come through!

  24. @ Gary…. Interesting that I got a Chase Sapphire offer when it seems like Chase has really clamped down on the Ultimate Rewards cards. Technically I’m two years out from my last Sapphire card, so maybe Credit Card Match can see something I can’t?

  25. I wouldn’t recommend ANYONE signing up for this. I did on July 4 after reading this post. The card came on July 6 and they are saying they will not honor that bonus. They’re saying they haven’t had any offers of the sort since January. I said “I am still getting the offer from the cardmatch tool while we speak right now”. They basically said well that’s not valid. They refused to listen despite me having screenshots of the various pages when I applied. The reps I’ve spoken to are uninformed and their IT department must be a mess for such a mixup. I don’t care if the marketing department never intended for this offer to go out. It did- so honor it! This is a terrible first impression! I shouldn’t have to fight for what’s due to me.

  26. I got the offer for both the 50k Gold and 100k platinum. But I don’t fly anywhere. what do I do with the points? Should I do the platinum offer and just get gift cards, then cancel after 11 mos?

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