Report: Catering Truck Hits United Aircraft in Berlin, Employee Hospitalized

Reid F. emails,

Tuesday’s [United flight 125 Berlin – Newark] was canceled due to some type of crash on the tarmac.

…Catering truck pulled into the plane while it was pulling into the gate in [Berlin]. There was glass on the ground, so one should assume at least the windshield of the catering truck was broken. There was a dent to the fuselage.

…Someone went to hospital and is still there. I don’t think it was with passengers on, but they ferried a flight in from [London Heathrow] and added an extra flight today leaving at 11am from Berlin.

And indeed, the flight was cancelled.

United gives the reason as ‘aircraft maintenance’.

Indeed, United added flight 2092, an extra section from Berlin to Newark today.

They grabbed a flight number that isn’t in use every day but that’s usually used for an island hopper.

Hopefully the person that was injured is doing well.

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  1. United is cursed this summer….

    Not flying UA this summer and bringing out the popcorn to watch the airline implode.

  2. the 20xx-22xx are usually used for extra sectors. I believe there was an issue with the Guam island hopper last week hence they used a similar flight number for the extra sector.

  3. United is flying a bigger airplane body into TXL during the summer so it’s not parked in the usual location. They had some issues loading PAX into plane when I left a couple days prior where everyone sat in the Bus for 20 minutes so it all seems a little disorganized.

  4. I was on this flight. It was a pretty hard collision. We were all standing on the plane waiting to de-board. It really rocked the plane hard and we almost fell over. I have a couple pictures, but they aren’t great due to being on a moving bus and the scene being backlit from the sun.

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