Virgin America Just Broke the Internet With the Most Shocking Tweet Ever.

When the US Airways twitter team blasted out a shocking photo of a woman with a 777 they said it was an accident. They even had a story to explain why one of their social media staff was looking at Boeing porn, and no one got fired.

But One Mile at a Time pointed to a tweet from Virgin America that looks like it was on purpose.

Here they have crossed even Spirit Airlines territory.

I get that this is pride month and all, and I’m looking forward to having my policy preferences affirmed by the Supreme Court tomorrow or Monday when it rules in favor of same sex marriage.

And the Virgin brand is supposed to be shocking. In the UK Virgin Money lets you carry the Sex Pistols in your pocket.

Plus they got us talking about them.

But I’m just going to assume they want to know where you store your carry on bags — up top in the overhead bins, or down bottom underneath your seat. Yeah, that’s the ticket. Because otherwise they’re perpetuating the sex-obsessed myth that’s so frequently used to galvanize discrimination, and all in the name of marketing. And surely they wouldn’t be doing that…

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  1. “Most Shocking Tweet Ever”? “Broke the Internet”?

    That headline says far more about you than it does about Virgin!

    Not least that you continue to do clickbait well – well played…

  2. You have to give Virgin America thumbs up for their marketing. Controversial, sure! Attraction getting for everyone, another yes! Not exactly the right thing to say, but it is all “tongue in cheek”, right?

  3. Pompous, self righteous, stuck up snobs, Paul and nsx, think they’re too good to to understand how great that joke is coming from a huge airline like VA.

  4. You could choose better headlines. It’s become similar to “…And You Won’t Believe What Happens Next!” headlines, which is one of the reasons why I quit Facebook.

  5. Didn’t Sir Richard do a TV spot that bragged how quick he was with the birds. No, I ain’t referring to the Spirit eagle.

  6. @John – And you’re a complete dufus if you don’t understand why that tweet is inappropriate. Is that what gay pride is all about? BTW its VX

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