Student Legally Changed Name to Avoid Airline Ticket Name Change Fee

Adam Armstrong was booked on Ryanair flights under the name Adam West, because his girlfriend’s stepfather bought the tickets and knows him through Facebook where he uses that pseudonym (he’s a fan of Batman, apparently).

Outbound and return reservations were made separately, rather than as a single booking. As a result, in order to fly, he needed to change the name on both reservations and was looking at £110 twice.

Even though it was his girlfriend’s stepfather’s fault (or his fault), he claims to have resented paying the fees enough that he actually changed his name to Adam West in order to fly.

The ticket was booked in the name Adam West, and so the student thought it would be cheaper to change his name legally for free and purchase a new passport for £103 in the name matching the booking.

…the airline’s policy would have only required him to pay £110 had he booked both legs on the same booking.

The new Adam West plans to change his name back to Adam Armstrong in seven years when his passport expires — because doing so now would cost him £103.

Life lessons:

  1. Book tickets you plan to travel on under your own name.
  2. If booking tickets under a pseudonym, do so under as few separate reservations as possible.
  3. If doing so under lots of different names, live in a country that lets you change your name without any fees.
  4. When changing names solely to corrupt your own silly booking pranks, call media to get attention.
  5. Profit.

(HT: uggboy on Milepoint)

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  1. So, in England, you can change your name for free? Not even publication or filing fees? How interesting. It certainly isn’t that easy in the US.

  2. It’s Ryanair. Flying them is basically a tax on the ignorant. A business plan based on how stupid people can be can be quite profitable. If your universe is SQ, CX, EY etc give wide berth!

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