Premier Rewards Gold Card from American Express New Benefits Are Live… Net $200 and 25,000 Points Quickly.

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Key Link: Premier Rewards Gold Card from American Express

I’ve been a Premier Rewards Gold Card from American Express cardholder for several years. It’s been the strongest Membership Rewards-earning card. Now, they’ve added new benefits, made the earning more attractive, and I can really justify not just having the card but keeping and using it. Here’s why.

Why Premier Rewards Gold Has Been a Valuable Card for Years

For a long time the Premier Rewards Gold Card from American Express was the best Membership Rewards points-earning card, bar none.

Membership Rewards are one of the most valuable currencies because they transfer to a variety of different airline (and hotel) programs, in many cases instantly. That lets you accrue very flexible points, deciding where to put them later when you know what trip you want to book and which partner has award availability.

And the Premier Rewards Gold Card from American Express was much better at earning Membership Rewards points than the Platinum Card by American Express. That’s because of its spending category bonuses, especially triple points on airfare.

It’s been attractive as a points-earning card the first year with its $0 introductory annual fee, but after the first year the fee was $175 (now $195). That’s still cheap compared to the Platinum card, which doesn’t earn points as quickly, but expensive compared to strong earning cards like the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card which earns double points on travel and dining (and is $0 the first year, then $95).

They’ve Improved the American Express Premier Rewards Gold Benefits!

The Premier Rewards Gold card has made some changes to be more competitive. It has added a $100 airline fee credit, a new category bonus double points on dining, and no foreign transaction fees. The annual fee has gone up $20 to $195 — but is still $0 intro the first year.

So spending category bonuses are — 3X for flights booked directly with airlines; 2X points at US restaurants; 2X points at US gas stations; 2X points at US supermarkets.

    The card becomes competitive on earning with Chase Sapphire Preferred by offering more points on airfare (though not bonusing other travel), matching double points on dining, and bonusing gas and groceries which Sapphire Preferred does not.

And the $100 airline fee credit is available for your choice of:

  • Alaska
  • American
  • Delta
  • Hawaiian
  • JetBlue
  • Southwest
  • United

And because the benefit is based on calendar year, you can receive the $100 twice during your first cardmember year (that has no annual fee). In other words, get the card now and use the $100 fee credit before the end of 2015, and again at the beginning of 2016. You net $200.

Here’s the page to register your airline preference for the Premier Rewards Gold airline fee credit.

What Else Could They Have Done?

While they were revamping the Premier Rewards Gold, they could have done this with the card’s design. I think it like it better than the Premier Rewards Gold that I have in my wallet.

So, there’s that.

I like the card for triple points on airfare. With double points on US dining, supermarkets and gas stations, no more foreign transaction fees, and a better annual fee value proposition after the $0 intro first year I’ll definitely keep the card.

During the first cardmember year? Get the card now and take advantage of two $100 fee credits with a $0 fee, the card’s 25,000 point signup bonus (after $2000 spend within 3 months) is pretty sweet.

Key Link: Premier Rewards Gold Card from American Express

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  1. I agree this is a keeper. However, the airline fee credit is tricky unless you know exactly what you’re doing. I have an American Express Platinum and I was able to take advantage of that fee credit but only after quite a bit of research work. For example, I learned that I couldn’t use that for United award fees but that it’s possible to use it when booking Delta flights, if buying some Delta gift cards of a specific value. Using those Delta gift cards ended up requiring my spending one hour on the phone with Delta, due to some issues with them …

    By contrast, a Citi Prestige card that I have has reimbursed me without any issues for an AirFrance/KLM award fee (not possible with the Amex cards), without my having to use any workarounds at all.

    I would highly recommend to the readers of this blog who are considering applying for this card to research in order to learn if and how they can actually take advantage of this benefit. Both myself and my spouse have this card and I’ll try to use this fee credit but I’m not exactly looking forward to it, given my experience with the Platinum card.

    Good luck to you all.

  2. Is it clear if the airline credit is added for existing cardholders? I haven’t noticed any emails or anything when I login to Amex announcing this. As I tend to put my direct airline expenses on this card for the 3x bonus (unless I’m trying to meet spend on other cards) I’ll probably get it without even having to think about it.

  3. Never mind. I only have the Business Gold Rewards currently. I cancelled my Premier Gold in November, 2013 so maybe time for another…

  4. Gary,
    what is the compensation you receive for each credit card application or approval?

  5. Sam, I understand if you’re curious but why does it matter? If you don’t like the blog or individual blog entries then skip them. I don’t believe bloggers are allowed to disclose that information anyway.

  6. If i have a $300 change fee on a United flight — would United be willing to split that charge between my American Express Platinum card and the Premier Gold? Then I’d get all $300 reimbursed…
    Does anybody know if you can split the charge like that?

  7. @Mike It’s natural to be curious when we know that he benefits off us using those links. That doesn’t necessarily mean he’s upset about it. I’ve often been curious myself and assumed it was in the $50-250 range depending on the card. Whenever I apply for cards, I always use it to reward the bloggers I enjoy the most or who have put out the best info that quarter. This last time was Gary, Lucky, and Milevalue. I figure that if it doesn’t cost me anything and helps somebody else then it’d be rude not to when I read their content so often. I do still get curious though…

  8. I’m mildly curious as well, but I don’t feel like I need to call Gary out in the comments section to ask him. He discloses that he’s compensated, which means there is a *potential* conflict of interest. Do I really need to know more that that? As consumers, can’t we weigh the rest?

  9. Can existing cardholders get the sign up bonus again or is this not a “new” card despite the changes?

  10. Even sweeter is the 50k signup bonus with only $1,000 spend required. Still available to just about anybody if you load up the application page while browsing incognito.

  11. @Andrew G
    How do you do the”browsing incognito”?
    Can you get the bonus if you had one cancelled more than 2 years ago?

    Thanks to both.

  12. @DCBanker

    To use the incognito browsing mode, on Windows:

    Firefox: Ctrl+Shift+P
    Chrome: Ctrl+Shift+N
    Internet Explorer: Ctrl+Shift+P

    Do a web search for other browsers, operating systems, mobile devices.

    You may also want to clear the cookies. If you still don’t see the 50k point for 1k spend offer you may need to reload the page a few times and/or try a different browser.

    Good luck!

  13. Mike & Michael T:
    I don’t dislike anything about this post, and I wasn’t calling out anyone: I didn’t intend to give that impression. I am curious what the payoff is for Gary (and other bloggers). I think it’s a fair question. No problem, of course, if it’s something that Gary is not supposed to disclose. It doesn’t take away any of the value his blog provides.

  14. @DCBanker: for the personal amex card, if you’ve had it before, you can reapply, but will not get the bonus again. They are very strict about that now unfortunately.

  15. Applied for the 25,000 point offer linked above- granted automatically, and I know I will get good use out of the airline fee credit and the no foreign transaction fee.

    Long time reader of the blog, but I feel a little burned when I click through on the Dr of Credit link, and could have gotten a 50K credit on signup instead. That is a better link, so it should be featured..

    Bloggers make anywhere from $50 per sign up, up to $200 for top tier volumes with bonuses. Of course, some cards pay less.

  16. I am a Platinum American Express holder (which I will be retiring soon) and was just approved for the 50,000 Gold offer. I had to delete my cookies and browse privately (as suggested in this blog) and got the right page after about 5 tries. The site was a bit unstable and I had to put my info in quickly or it would drop the page but I found on my third try that if I filled in the blanks quickly, I could get through it. Beware of the approval page. The text suggests that you need to click through the benefits to be eligible to collect the 50,000 bonus.

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