Hands Free Luggage That Follows You Through the Airport

A pilot with a new invention is looking for $3500 on kickstarter to fund the first production run of his invention — hands free luggage.

I admit when he sent this to me I thought it would be something super technological — maybe magnetic (you wear a device, the bag is attracted to it) or electronic, following your radio signal.

Instead, it’s called “My Hitch” and is a piece of plastic that you hook to yourself and to your bag. And you pull your bag behind you.

Personally I’d be concerned about situational awareness, I get frustrated when people wearing backpacks bang them into others because they simply aren’t aware of their footprint, thinking of the space they’re controlling only as their bodies. Airports are busy places, and can be chaotic. I certainly wouldn’t be running from gate to gate with this.

Oh, and I’d kind of look like an idiot.

I do love these quotes, from the kickstarter page and the video:

“It would be a lot better if you could walk hands free through the airport. Imagine carrying coffee in one hand, your cell phone in the other, while your luggage follows behind you.”

Won’t using your product cause your pants to be pulled down?

“It certainly won’t work if your clothes have a loose, or elastic waistband”

“We recommend against placing even a jacket or purse on top. Since, it could fall off or be stolen.”

Hands free luggage could be cool. Pulling heavy bags is a pain. But isn’t that what four-wheeled luggage is four, so you can simply push it along upright?

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  1. This wont work. FIrst it can rip your pants look or pants completely. Getting through a crowded airport with this pulling behind you? Yikes. Gary the backpack thing- You are right. My wife has been bonked by mine more than a few times. Trying to use a sling bag more because it is easier to prevent that from happening. I turn with a backpack and you forget about it until you make contact

  2. Back when I was in the Army, you traveled using your basic training duffel bag. Oversea, I was issue another duffel bag for the field. No rusksack at my unit in Germany or when I rotated stateside. Yes, I do realize that the ongoing War on Terrorism has increased the need for troops to be rusk sack equipped ground pounders. Finally, I also purchased an Air Force flight bag that served me well in the field and while traveling.

  3. This guy should stick to flying planes! Surely a joke right ?
    It’s got Health and Safety Hazard written all over it!

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