Woman Cleaning Aircraft at New York JFK Stole 1500 Mini-Bottles of Liquor. She Could Have Avoided Jail With This One Simple Trick.

A contract cleaning worker for Airserv at JFK was arrested for stealing 1429 liquor minis from aircraft she was cleaning.

“[A] witness tipped off American Airlines security officials” and when police searched her apartment:

They say they found 1,429 mini-bottles of unopened liquor, seven iPads, two laptops, 19 Kindle tablets and a “large amount” of various toiletries

If you lost something on an American Airlines flight at JFK and it didn’t turn up at lost and found, you may now know why.

No Shaggy Defense from the woman, either. She copped to the thefts:

“I took them from work,” Cullum, a contractor with Air Serv airline-service company, allegedly told cops. “I’ve been stealing for the past three years.”

The irony, of course, is that all she’d have needed was Intercontinental Royal Ambassador status and she could have had all the mini-bottles of liquor she wanted, legally.

The woman has been fired and has been charged with grand larceny and criminal possession of stolen property.

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  1. “She Could Have Avoided Jail With This One Simple Trick.” Because a minimum-wage aircraft cleaner TOTALLY stays 60 nights a year at various Intercontinentals to qualify for royal ambassador status, amirite?

  2. “The irony, of course, is that all she’d have needed was Intercontinental Royal Ambassador status and she could have had all the mini-bottles of liquor she wanted, legally.” Only if she stayed on paid stays and then, not in Vegas . . .

  3. Sorry, I’m not buying it. Other than the Bailey’s/JD, the liquor is far too good to be served on American.

  4. Gary, this is the worst clickbait article I have ever seen. All readers: if you don’t want to fall for this crap install Adblock Plus now.

  5. That is the most puke-worthy of your clickbait headlines ever and that’s saying something. Please go back to your old headline writing style if you want to be taken seriously. BuzzFeed is not a thought-leader in anything.

  6. Pretty insensitive tone and article, mocking someone who probably stole out of poverty. Andy this coming from someone who lives off eating meals in the air and hotel club lounges.

  7. Seriously Gary? Readers are begging for you to drop the click bait but you’re back to it time and time again.

  8. This blog post seems like an intelligence test. It is interesting who “gets” the joke, and who does not.

  9. wooow. 1429 mini bottles “worth” $15000. I bet the airlines buys those for less than a dollar each.

  10. In other news a 20 year old got jailed for consuming alcohol in public. Could have prevented that with one easy trick: Travel to Europe where it’s perfectly legal 🙂

  11. I don’t get it. The Internet has been around for a while. We all know what click-bait is. Because it was so over the top obnoxious, I had to click and laugh. For someone who is simply annoyed (understandably) why click. And why comment, instead of slapping themselves on the forehead and screaming, “I am an idiot for clicking that title.”

  12. Gary,

    That was my thought exactly, except in reverse: Why stay 60 nights to get RA when you can just get bottles from this woman. You don’t save 1500 bottles of liquor without some mental problem….unless those are just the ones she didn’t sell.

  13. Gary: STOP the bait and click!!!

    If you insist in continuing this, at least give the punchline and click for the details, instead of bait and disappointment..

  14. I dropped your blog a couple weeks ago over the RSS shafting and stupid headlines and came back hoping it was cleaned up. Instead there are 30 other people complaining about clickbait. This site is a joke now. I haven’t missed anything. I now affirmatively skip over mentions of this site when I’m reading OTHER sites. Super annoying. Hope it works for you.

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