Tell Me What You Want to Know, and I Will Try to Answer You

Here’s your chance. I will my best to cover your questions. Please leave requests in the comments section.

As my boss once wrote making a similar request on his blog, “The only promise is that of weak monotonicity, namely that your mention won’t lower the chance of the topic being covered.”

In other words, I won’t promise to cover everything, though I’ll read and ponder everything that’s written here in the comments.

It may take me awhile to work through, goodness knows there are things I’m behind on (trip reports, cough, trip reports…).

But I’d love to hear from you!

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  1. 1) Do properties with “named” suites that list for $3k-10k/night just leave these empty most nights, or is something else going on? Particularly at Hyatt, where a DSU only gives you a base room — will I ever see the inside of the Diplomatic Suite or the Presidential Suite without being an sheikh or a Wall Street robber-baron? I always harbor a hope on a one-night stay, but it seems unlikely…

    2) Last fall the blogosphere picked up on LH terminating F service on a bunch of routes effective April/May. I’m still able to book F on those routes so that”s clearly changed (which I’m thankful for as I think LH F is the best I’ve flown) — where can learn about service changes like this, and what’s the current plan?

  2. Sometimes it can contribute greatly to the points strategy when we know techniques for how to get from one international destination to another instead of just from USA. For example I’m flying from JNB to LIM in October and have no idea how to make it an efficient route. I don’t want to link through LHR or DXB an I have no clue what my options are, but I could rattle off a large number of strategies for getting to LIM from the US.

  3. Ok remember you said anything. I will be traveling to Maui on Sep 12 for wedding anniversary. Booked American f/c or business which ever they want to call it. Unfortunately the seating going there on window for my wife is bulkhead seating. The plane is a AA 767-300 but I cannot tell how much legroom is there on that aircraft…any ideas ?

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