A New Way to Earn “5x Everywhere” for Sprint Customers

Doctor of Credit details how the LevelUp app can be used for payments to earn 5 points per dollar at all of their participating merchants.

You download the app and set up the payment option. Then you scan a QR code at checkout with merchants who have LevelUp as a payment option.

Since one major focus is restaurants, there’s an option to tip if you wish.

You get an instant electronic receipt.

Two especially cool things about LevelUp:

  • They have a rewards program.
  • Instead of charging your credit card directly, you can have charges added to a Sprint bill.

Sprint is a telecommunications provider. That means when you pay it with a card that bonuses telecommunications spend, you earn that bonus… even for restaurant charges paid with the LevelUp app.

In this way, a Chase Ink card can be set up to earn 5 points per dollar at merchants who accept LevelUp. And you’ll double dip with LevelUp’s rewards program, too. When you use Sprint billing you earn a 10% bonus in their rewards program to boot.

They say they’re at over 14,000 retail locations.. which isn’t actually a lot. This will be useful to some, but it will need to have more merchants before I switch to Sprint to make it really worthwhile.

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  1. Been using LevelUp for about three years and unfortunately not at many restaurants. But use it at the one establishment I go to and earn the rewards. They also do some promotions here and there with giving you free credits. Overall, it’s been around for awhile and still isn’t catching on (at least in NYC) so not sure how well it will ultimately so in the long run.

  2. My personal experience with Chase Ink card is you do earn 5x for your cell phone usage part of the bill but when I charged my new iPhone 6 to my AT&T bill they actually separated that part of expense as 1X category. So you might want to double check before you charge everything you can to your Sprint bill if you use Ink card.

  3. When I bought my iPhone 6 via my sprint bill two years ago, I earned the full 5X. And I continue to earn 5X even on “third-party charges” like LevelUp direct billings today.

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