Americans Carve Their Initials Into the Collosseum, Another Airline Follow’s Spirit’s Path, and More Stories You Have to Read to Believe..

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  1. Regarding the 2 tourists that carved their names at the Colosseum, too bad Italy does not have more severe laws to punish them other than paying a fine. They should be thrown in jail for years to learn a lesson.

  2. All Uber drivers are low-lives. A political correct panzy club of non-regulated rapists and nose-pickers, funded by a couple of large, money-losing financial institutions to one (1) Nazi CEO.

    As for the two (2) women carving their initials and taking a “selfie” (a word spoken by losers), they should be stripped naked, lightly caned and spanked. Upload it to YouTube so that a federal raid can take place at Google.

    Now that would be a perfect world.

  3. @ED: I don’t agree with your description of Uber drivers. I used them at least 20 times last week while on a business trip in San Francisco and I only have good things to talk about my experience. I got nice and clean cars (even I very cute mid 20’s girl driving a brand new Mercedes) and enjoyed talking to them about their experience while driving for Uber. All of them like the flexibility to work on their own schedule. For me, I loved the ability to use my phone to request a car when I needed and the cost was way cheaper than calling a cab. Also, very convenient to not deal with cash or credit card transactions, waiting for receipt and most important not having to give tips as cab drives feel they are entitles for. Love Uber!!!!

  4. Really? “Follow’s”? I can’t even think of a single example of when to use that, if ever

  5. HA’s seating change is “meh”. Their 717s are used on inter-island flights that are about 30 minutes or so gate-to-gate…I doubt many passengers will notice or care. I don’t know that I have ever felt a burning need to recline on one of those flights. Now if HA were to do the same on their long-haul flights that would be newsworthy.

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