Frequent Flyer Miles Replace Cocaine for Investment Bankers, Automate Your Delay Compensation, and the First Air Force One

News and notes from around the interweb:

  • For a few days only you can get $100 off top quality luggage while benefiting charity at the same time.
  • For God’s Sake Shut Up About Credit Cards and Airline Miles (HT: Barry P.) The author complains that talk of miles has replaced doing lines of cocaine off of fax machines for investment bankers.

    I’m at lunch with this consultant and this investment banker. One is a brilliant young man who aced his SATs and went to a well-regarded private university, somewhere like Duke, where he led the debate society, and tutored at-risk children, and helped build houses for the poor, and earned a 3.8 grade point average. And the other is just as brilliant, and he went to a college that’s just as prestigious, somewhere like Georgetown, where he ran the economics club, and edited the business school magazine, and volunteered to do taxes for poor people. So you get these two intelligent, clever, visionary young minds together, and what do they sit there discussing? That’s right: the best lounge food at the Tampa airport.

  • Tripmole will help you get compensation for flight delays and cancellations. Just enter your ticket details and it tells you what you’re entitled to.
  • The credit card with a unique feature: it smells like you.
  • Iraqi Airways starting Manchester service next month.
  • The very first Air Force One.

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