Last Chance to Pay Bills With Gift Cards via Evolve Money

Evolve Money has been a site where you could pay bills online, at times using credit cards with no fee but certainly to liquidate gift cards with PIN numbers (purchased with a credit card, having earned you miles) and also with mileage-earning debit cards.

Unfortunately the usefulness of the site seems as though it’s about to come to an end. They sent out the following message tonight:

It’s unclear which debit cards are from ‘smaller’ banks. I don’t think my Suntrust Delta debit card counts as coming from a smaller bank. We’ll see if I still have the opportunity to earn 1 Delta mile per dollar paying bills through the site without a significant fee.

But the usefulness of Evolve Money to liquidate gift cards will end. And of course you can no longer apply for a new Suntrust Delta debit card.

I expect that the good run we’ve had with Evolve Money to be over, if not with the change being implemented next week then soon enough.

In the meantime, there’s a few more days to make use of the site to earn miles paying bills.

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  1. I got this email tonight. I never had much use for evolve, but (in principle) always hate to see another avenue dry up. Still, with nothing but a mortgage that was available for payment through Evolve, it just wasn’t that exciting. ST debit can produce practically unlimited miles at .07CPM. That’s a dang good earn rate, even for devalued Skypesos. Adding another 1-2K per month just wasn’t worth the effort of getting involved with Evolve.

  2. I hated to see evolve gone. I used evolve to pay my two mortgage $999 each month, $1200 for two 529 accounts, around $1500 for all other accounts ( water , electricity , gas, Macy’s, Lowe’s, Kohl’s, … etc). Sometimes I need to prepaid Macy’s in advance to avoid $999 per month quota. My wife will spend 2-4K one day if she decides the day is a bargain!!

  3. I don’t have time for MS with gift cards but to me evolve money was dead when they started charging a fee to use Discover!

  4. Can you confirm the Suntrust Delta card earns miles with Evolve? I’ve only ever used gift cards in the past.

  5. Tried to pay a bill yesterday and enter my new replacement Suntrust debit number. Evolve continued to sent me error messages and I was unable to register my replacement Suntrust. Used my USB instead.

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