The Strangest Gift I’ve Ever Received Just Came in the Mail from Citibank

One of my first projects after graduating college was marketing a program where the low hanging fruit was just fixing the processes for responding to people that were interested.

They’d see the program on a poster, call up and ask for information. Since there wasn’t really anything to send out yet to people wanting more information, they got mailed… a poster.

Not every project I’ve worked on has required a rocket scientist to leave better off.

I was brought back nearly two decades to the project when I checked my mailbox today and found a thank you gift in the mail from the Citi Executive / AAdvantage Card.

This is the premium American AAdvantage co-brand card from Citibank. It comes with Admirals Club membership and lets you earn 10,000 elite qualifying miles after $40,000 spend in a year.

So what gift did they send?

As a ‘special thank you for loyalty’ they’ve given me two one-day passes to any Admirals Club lounge.

Don’t they know I already have club membership? After all, I receive that as a benefit of the card.

This is all good, I’ll find someone to give away the passes to. In fact, they could have made this mailing a win by simply changing the marketing copy:

We appreciate your loyalty as a Citi Executive cardmember and you know how valuable lounge access can be — as a place to escape the bustle of the airport, to have a shower after an overnight flight, or to find assistance from helpful agents when flight plans go wrong. We’d love to let you share that benefit with a friend or family member. Please accept these two lounge passes as a token of our appreciation!

Instead I get probably the strangest gift since a hotel booking site sent me a hammock at Christmas (I wouldn’t need a hammock if I were booking a room through their site, since I’d have a bed) or the time Microsoft gave me a branded pen, stapler, and note pad (for when my copy of Microsoft Word stops working?).

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  1. That is funny. I don’t even know what to do with all the US Air card passes my wife and I get since we both have the Citi AA Exec card and the US Air passes seem to be account specific like you can’t just give them to others.

  2. @Denis – since the inaugural $200 airline credit is not being extended upon renewal, I’ll probably need the passes!

  3. I don’t think that’s all that strange of a gift. One of the perks of my hobby is being able to gift friends with lounge passes and drink vouchers.

  4. I agree with VNAFlyer. I’m going to Europe on American for our 40 th wedding anniversary and would love them. 🙂

  5. As a fan of your blog and the owner of a hammock company, I’m a little shocked. I didn’t know anyone could be bothered by the free gift of a hammock… Bed or no bed, a hammock is always awesome!!

  6. @Seth – I’m not dissing on a hammock! Just thought it was a strange gift from a hotel booking site, since if you’re using your product you’re buying a bed. Dissonance between gifter and gift, is all !

  7. Let your readership (uhh hmmm) have those passes? Could really use them on a BCN / PHL (layover) / LGA flight in April.

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