Today’s TransAsia Crash Video Footage Caught on Dash Cam

TransAsia Airways flight GE 235, an ATR-72 operating a domestic flight from Taipei to Kinmen crashed shortly after taxi after hitting a taxi and a bridge before landing into a river.

Five crew and 53 passengers (22 Taiwanese and 31 Chinese tourists from Xiamen) were onboard.

Reports are that the pilots communicated with air traffic control, “Mayday, mayday, engine flame out.” The flight data recorder has been recovered.

The Taipei-based airline operates Airbus and ATR aircraft. Another one of their ATR-62s crashed in July.

My thoughts are with the passengers and crew — both those that perished in the crash and those that escaped the wreckage to safety — as well as the families and the employees of the airline.

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  1. Wow, that’s a distressing video clip. Judging from the bank angle the pilot worked hard to reach the river. He probably saved several lives of residents that way.

  2. Not a PC thing to say but with the stereotypes about Asian drivers, the recent record with Asian airlines and airliner catastrophes isn’t encouraging.

  3. @wco81

    Is that YOUR stereotype about Asian drivers? If so, don’t hide behind “not a pc thing to say but with the stereotypes”; besides, what does flying have to do with driving?; finally, FYI, the pilot helming the AirAsia flight just before it crashed was a Frenchman!

  4. You know damn well the stereotype has waisted for decades.

    Don’t shoot the messenger here …

    This article lists the unfortunate incidents just in the last 12 months, all involving Asian airlines, with presumably Asian pilots.

    There is also the Asiana flight that had a rough landing at SFO.

    For better or worse some people are going to be skittish about flying on these airlines given these incidents.

    Maybe these airlines and countries should monitor the qualifications of these pilots more closely and re certify them periodically.

  5. Really?? You know damn well how two planes clipped each other’s wings at US airports on several occasions. Now that’s where you damn well can compare bad driving with bad taxiing. Are you going to start a stereotype about American pilots, or are you too hypocritical about this???

  6. Hmmm
    Plane falling out of the skies and goes missing
    Plane hitting taxis
    I don’t care who’s flying the plane or whatever the stereotype is
    I will certainly consider not flying any of those carriers in those regions
    Bad drivers pilots or runway events
    Sad but scary

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