The Most Annoying People on the Plane, as Acted By Patrick Stewart

What passenger types annoy you the most? Regular readers can probably guess my pet peeves…

(HT: Johnny Jet)

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  1. This is pretty funny, but it would’ve been funnier if he did it while dressed as Capt. Picard! 😀

  2. The guy in the back row looks like the dude from Flyertalk. The “legend”, whatever his name is….

  3. My most annoying is definitely the seat kicker….followed by the parents that let their kids play games and watch videos at full blast without headphones….

  4. So as not to be that guy — if I absolutely have to go to the restroom and my neighbors is very very deep in sleep — and I think I can climb over without touching her or waking her — do I climb over or do I wake?


  5. I sat by a guy sitting in the middle seat who could get out to the bathroom without touching me at all. He had mad Jackie Chan moves.

  6. @AnDreas, if you believe you can get out smoothly, I see no reason to wake them. Unless your judgment is unreliable 😉

  7. Patrick Stewart is great but the sketches just weren’t that funny – sadly I find this to be the case with all these late show programmes on US TV.

  8. My pet peeve are people who keep their elbows stuck by their side so there’s no elbow room for others to be comfortable without slouching forward a little

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