This Guy Claims JetBlue Banned Him. I’m Just Glad I Don’t Have to Sit Next to Him!

Apparently things started because the video’s creator ran into an issue with a JetBlue booking, didn’t get a confirmation, and is unhappy with the customer service JetBlue provided (although he acknowledges that JetBlue offered to reduce their change fee for him).

In response to what he considered unhelpful customer service, he sent out a series of tweets naming the customer service agent he dealt with. And he was apparently no longer welcome to fly the airline.

This is, of course, only his version of the story.

He claims that JetBlue “hates fags” though it should be noted that JetBlue “has earned the top score of 100 percent on the 2015 Corporate Equality Index (CEI), a leading survey and report on corporate policies and practices related to LGBT workplace equality from the Human Rights Campaign Foundation.”.

I watched the full 9 and a half minute rant so you don’t have to. There are a few words that are ‘not safe for work’ in the video. Still, if you’re so inclined… trust me, he’s a character.

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  1. Interesting…We of course only have one side of the story, but B6, being a common carrier, should have to file something publically if they wish to ban him. Or at least send him official notice with their findings. With limited competition (granted, not on NY-LA) with airlines now, its a valid complaint if one airline wont transport you…it may leave you with only 1 other choice, if that. I’m interested to hear B6’s story, and their reason why.

  2. This guy is a well known blogger. I agree with the assessment that the airlines are simply trying to punish him for speaking out againt customer service that he was unhappy with. I am also bothered by your assessment that you’re just glad you didn’t have to sit next to him. This little gay guy is so threatening just because he chose to do exactly what you do andvoice his opinion about how he was treated by the airlines. I’m really disgusted by your post. You’ve taken the side of people that have far less valid compaints…what are you rally saying?

  3. As a gay man myself, I found that painful to watch. I know that YouTube folks feel the need to yell and exaggerate but, yeah, I wouldn’t want to sit next to this character anywhere either.

  4. It was hard to see clearly, but it did seem like one of the tweets could have been a bit too obnoxious. Still, it’s pretty crappy to just let him show up at the gate to learn he has been banned for being what he is obviously not — a “security threat.” Sure, he might be a flamboyant, obnoxious kid, but there are millions of those around these days — maybe you were one as a kid, too, Gary.

    The good news is that he probably got a full refund for the ticket they wouldn’t let him use.

    And Gary, you have the logic of a two-year-old when it comes to JetBlue’s like or dislike of gay kids. First of all, I didn’t hear him say that JetBlue “hates fags.” Assuming he did, it’s unreasonable to believe he really meant JetBlue as a company rather than Regina and the flight crew who upheld the refusal to transport him. Just because JetBlue has a favorable CEI in no way means individual JetBlue employees are incapable of discrimination. It’s almost as lame as the “I’m not racist, I have a black friend” theory.

  5. Slow news day?

    Hey, great repulsive video of someone being an idiot. Wanted you all to know about it. 🙁

  6. This video make me want to fly JetBlue exclusively… just so there’s no chance I’ll end up next to this guy on a plane.

  7. I don’t see anything NSFW in this video. He can sit next to me. He’s little, cute, and stylish, so I don’t know what else you want from the guy in the next seat.

    Question: Are straight-appearing people who tweet about their bad CSR experiences on JetBlue refused service? I realize I’m just hearing one side but right now I feel like Jet Blue has some explaining or re-training to do.

  8. just for the recond. The original title of the YouTube was “Jetblue Hates Fag” not the plural of fags. Big difference.

  9. @ Gary: No, it was “JetBlue Hates Fag.” Pesky little issue of plural vs. not plural. Makes your CEI claims even less relevant.

  10. Whiners are never satisfied and when they don’t get their way. He used her name!!!. His tweets amounted to bullying. If he had a problem when he made the reservation then he should have been an adult and called customer service.

    He notes that Regina is “on her period” 7:00 now that is acting like an adult ! Fun tweets they are not! DENIE DENIE DENIE ! Poor boy plays the victim and spends 9:37 acting like a baby.

    This “non-adult” does not know what being discriminate against for being gay really is like. I take offence for all the work we have accomplished since June 1969 to advance gay rights only to have this child sensationalize his stupid mistake as a “gay discrimination issue”. When he gets beaten up for being gay, loses his job for being gay, kicked out of church for being gay then he will know what it feels like.

    His comments on Youtube are disabled because he knows he is A BULLY

  11. The opposite of how to handle such a situation, probably due to his youthful inexperience. I once went off on agents and soon realized I wasn’t going to get anything I wanted except escalating trouble. So I reversed course and became extremely polite and appreciative of everything and watched the results turn around too.

    For one thing anyone who’s dealt with airlines regularly knows that you thank even those who reject your request profusely and genuinely, then you may not even hang up before they change their mind or find a way to help you. But if they don’t you thank they anyway and then call right back to try again – until you get what you need or find out exactly why its been blocked from possible. In fact almost anything they can’t make exception for is a firm rule they can’t violate anyway, so you want to find out those walls you can’t breach so you don’t waste your time.

    If someone is such a jerk that they are rude to you even when you are polite (very rare any longer since they’re being monitored) then sure have your revenge with focused complaints that are entirely positive and supportive of the airline – even if you dont’ feel that way it gets action whereas trashing them doesn’t.

  12. All you people saying you wo.t sent next to him, byt why? Hes not allowed to fly woth jett blue, but i dont see how he is a physical threat, usually when you book a flight or something you revieve a confirmation, but he never did, i would be upset too. And if i had the chanve to.sit next to.him i would take that chance

  13. There is way more to this than what this guy or JetBlue is saying. Obviously, he wasn’t savvy enough just to challenge the credit card charge. But, since I know how airlines can be….I lean to believing this guy over JetBlue. It is part of the post 9/11, we can do whatever we want against citizens, err sorry passengers, and they have no recourse.

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