The World’s First Suitcase With Its Own Smartphone App

It purports to be the first suitcase with its own smartphone app.

The luggage:

  • Weighs itself
  • Lets you know whether it’s onboard your flight
  • Tells you if it has been opened by anyone between the time you drop it off an pick it up at baggage claim
  • Acts as a stereo in your hotel room.

I’d be surprised if this suitcase is permitted to be transported in a luggage hold, since it uses wifi technology that I don’t believe shuts off inflight. Surely the Department of Homeland Security will consider it a risk in some sort of movie theater-style plot, given the possibility of remote detonation.

But if it is allowed, would you buy high tech luggage? Or would you prefer an old fashioned suitcase on wheels that lacks this sort of connectivity? Would it matter if all airlines let you track the status of your luggage inflight without your suitcase having to do it?

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  1. This is the last spurt from all of this “unable to make a profit” Silicon Valley innovation crap before the new Congress gets in. The GOP election win was anti-tech, anti-digital, anti-Silicon Valley. I can’t wait for the leftest tech world of piss-ants to start really getting upset soon. They’re going to get so mad, they’ll push a button in frustration.

    In sum, all that a piece of luggage needs is a baggage-tag so that it can be tracked on-line from point-to-point. That way, if it is lost or delayed, one will at least know the last point of entry. Can’t believe Silly-con-job Valley can’t innovate that.


  2. @ED

    Delsey isn’t from Silicon Valley. Delsey is a French luggage company which has been in business over 100 years. I’m sure as a French company, they do not care about the American elections.

  3. @ED

    I bet the very piece of technology that you’re using to write your comment is a combination of products and services coming out of the ‘Silly-con job Valley’ you describe.

  4. Ed, Which backward rock do you live under? If it wasn’t for Silicon Valley and everything else that comes out of places like California the lights woud be out in your susidized, tax-draining part of the world.

  5. Not interested. I haven’t checked since luggage reached my destination AFTER I had already given my presentation to a huge audience dressed in my jeans.

  6. I’m sure there will be lots of morons who will waste their money buying something like this. Then they’ll have something to talk about with their friends. It would be far better if they figured out how to get a life.

  7. The weight function is nice. An alert that your luggage has been opened perhaps useful. GPS tracking would be cool.

    It all depends on price.

    And if DHS puts a damper on the party. Somehow, though, I don’t think they would … or could. Are they going to have TSA come out with anti-WiFi screening technology for checked and unchecked baggage?

    Gary, your remote detonation idea is nonsense. You actually believe that your iPhone’s WiFi signal can reach the cargo hold? Hell, there are spots in my 200 m2 one-story home that are dead to my high-power WIFi router. Besides, whatever the detonation method, you need to have the basic dangerous components — the prime ingredients — and that is what they screen checked luggage for. Not some kid’s WiFi dump truck they forgot to switch off.

  8. I have occasionally longed for a bag that could 1) tell me where it is, and 2) make itself more conspicuous. (You don’t know where my bag is? It’s now blinking like a Christmas tree – look again. Still didn’t find it? It’s now playing “It’s a Small World” at 110 dB. You really want to find it before we move on to phase three.)

    I’m not sure this is the bag for me, but it’s going in a good direction

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