What You Can – and Can’t – Take from a Hotel Room. And a Naked Man Falls Through the Ceiling at Boston Airport…

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  1. Are you actually reading the content you are linking out to??

    “And finally, here’s a relic that you don’t see anymore: imprinted towels with the hotel’s logo. Originally intended as a deterrent to theft of the towels, they actually incentivized it: the hotel’s imprint on the towel gave it value as a souvenir to what otherwise would have been just an unremarkable, plain white towel.”

  2. Thanks for the links, Gary. Always a fun read. And those articles that I think are not interesting, I just don’t read them! 😉

  3. I read some worst airport lists yesterday and scratched my head as to why Boston didn’t make any of the lists. I guess the man falling through the ceiling came too late.

  4. The AirAsia won’t include taxes. Since $5 or free fares are quite common on SEA LCCs, the $149 monthly pass doesn’t look like such a deal. But it could be interesting for business travellers, depending on how much inventory they make available.

  5. As someone who has previously checked in early on line and on one occasion even gone through airport security only to find that a client needed me to stay (requiring me to exit through immigration, cancel my ticket, and spend a LONG time talking with immigration officers), I would like to call bull__t on all the righteous commenters taking issues with “many of us.” For the readership of THIS travel-savvy blog, I suspect that quite a number of flyers have had an experience or two like this.

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