Pay Bills With a Credit Card and Earn Miles

At the beginning of the year Evolve Money evolved into a great way to pay bills using gift cards you purchased with a credit card to pay off bills with vendors who don’t accept credit cards (or charge fees too high for it to be worthwhile).

In that way, you could earn miles for paying bills.

Evolve Money was one of the easiest ways to earn lots of miles at very little cost.

The usefulness of Evolve Money for liquidating gift cards crashed down when they limited you to paying each vendor one time per month. No more serial payments using a bunch of gift cards to cover your mortgage!

They don’t have all or even that many vendors in their system, but many mortgage providers are. Their limits remain in place, so no more than one payment per vendor per month that’s under $1000.

But they’re getting more useful, because they are going to accept credit cards and not just debit cards (and gift cards that act like debit cards).

They actually let you pay bills by credit card before as a glitch. Now it will be official.

They begin now with Discover Card and next year plan to allow use of Visa and MAsterCards for bill payment.

At some point a given card issuer might treat Evolve Money payments as a cash advance, so while there aren’t yet reports of this I’m aware of it’s wise to set your cash advance limit to zero and to monitor this.

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