How to Protect Yourself from Ebola: the Dulles Passenger in a Homemade Hazmat Suit Goes Viral

Dulles Passenger in Homemade Hazmat Suit Goes Viral (Get it? ‘Viral’)

    dulles passenger in a hazmat suit

A photo of a traveler in a homemade “hazmat” suit at Dulles International Airport outside Washington, D.C., is making the internet rounds as hundreds of real suits are selling out online.

The female passenger was spotted sitting down in an airline terminal and dressed in what appeared to be a full-length white onesie, topped with a blue rain poncho, blue latex gloves and a white face mask.

This doesn’t actually seem all that strange to me. Maybe I’ve just flown enough in Asia where it’s common to see a decent percentage of passengers wearing surgical masks.

Maybe we don’t need an ebola travel ban. We just need to to practice safe travel.

Which strangely reminds me of the old Capitol Steps tune, “Little Doc Koop” (to the tune of the Beach Boys’ Little Deuce Coop).

It used to be I’d tumble with my lady loves
But now I only let them date me wearing rubber gloves
I used to give the girls whatever they’d ask
Now I only let them kiss me through a surgical mask
You gotta listen to Koop, you don’t know what they got
(Listen to Koop, you don’t know what they got)
The other evening with my honey I abruptly awoke
I worried I was sleeping with a thousand folk
I told her in the future when we snuggle up,
She has to wear a.. (suit of armor…)

After all, Ebola spreads by sapping and impurifying our precious bodily fluids.

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