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  1. That video is LAME of course the handicapped and baby bottles are subject to inspection otherwise it’s a guaranteed route of exploitation!

  2. While I generally agree with the idea behind the video, it’s still offensive. I say this while also considering myself a civil libertarian.

    Moreover, it’s factually inaccurate in a few ways. For example, kids today generally don’t have to go through the body scanner, they go through a metal detector, just like the pre-9/11 days! In fact, anyone traveling with them also uses the metal detector. The references to seeing private parts are questionable now that the x-ray scanners are gone. They’re using millimeter wave scanners now, and use automated software to detect when someone should be further checked in a specific area of the body.

    Also, please, for the love of all that is not Hitler, STOP COMPARING THINGS TO NAZI GERMANY. We’ll all make our own connections to historical examples from now on. Maybe we’ll even be more creative in our personal views, rather than trying desperately to evoke some deep-seated hatred of ALL THINGS EVIL like ADOLF HITLER (OMG our government is like HITLER?!).

    If you want to have better security and for the government to respect what you believe to be your civil liberties, then you need to be able to partake in a rational, meaningful debate. This video discredits itself by overextending and passing on political commentary to create “entertainment” instead of strictly addressing the real issues in air security.

  3. Example of a legitimate criticism relevant to the video: Why is it that TSA screeners force children to separate from their parents to step through the metal detector? I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve heard junior crying because mommy had to step away for a minute and junior had to walk through the metal detector by himself.

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