Should You Jump on the US Airways MasterCard Signup Bonus Before It Goes Away?

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I’ve had several readers write in the past couple of days about receiving targeted 50,000 mile signup bonus offers for the US Airways co-brand credit card.

Typical is this email from Jon who writes:

Long time reader. I have gotten a couple offers in the mail over the past few months for the Barclay’s US Airways card offering 50K points after first purchase (fee not waived). Do you think worth jumping on this or do you think Barclay’s will continue to up this offer as their issue date comes closer to ending?

Here’s the deal:

  • I don’t see the offer getting better, although I have no inside knowledge.
  • They don’t have a public 50,000 point offer and do not recall there ever being o public offer that gave 50,000 points after first purchase.
  • There’s really not even that much time left for them to up the offer — once the programs combine next year they won’t be able to add new cardmembers at all.

I’d jump on the US Airways Premier World MasterCard.

The public offer, which is as good as I have seen, is 50,000 miles after first purchase. It comes with an $89 annual fee, certainly worth it for the miles.

The window to get the card is just a few more months.

Barclaycard issues the US Airways card. Citibank has the American card. Citibank will be the exclusive issuer of American cards. Folks that have the legacy US Airways cards will still keep their Barclaycard product, it will become an American card. Barclaycard just won’t be able to issue any new cards.

We’re not quite at ‘last call’ but it’s definitely time to consider signing up for the US Airways Premier World MasterCard.

These 40,000 points will combine into American accounts. So you’ll be able to get this bonus and likely also an American bonus from Citibank. So you’re quickly on your way towards a business class award to most places in the world. It’s a unique opportunity, similar to getting bonuses from both Northwest and Delta before those airlines merged (United and Continental wasn’t as good an opportunity because both of their cards were issued by the same bank).

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  1. Do you think we’re now in the window where it’s won’t be possible to get TWO more cards? If so, I’ll wait until closer to apply for another card. But if there’s enough time to get two more cards, I might apply sooner.

  2. Gary – would you recommend canceling the US Airways MC before it converts to the Barclaycard card, so that we can then apply for the Barclaycard version after the conversion happens? Or do you think that the Barclaycard will not be accepting any new applicants?

  3. @Kev the US Airways Mastercard will convert to an American card, and there’s no conflict in letting that happen and getting a Citibank American card. Barclays will not convert the US Airways card to an Arrival+ or other.

  4. @LarryInNYC I do know that Barclaycard has been a lot tougher lately, but it all depends on the individual applying and when exactly the programs combine – and we don’t know that date yet.

  5. @Gary – do we know if the US Air card with the 10k upon renewal will continue to give the 10k after (actually before) anniversary?

  6. @ZO US Airways didn’t make a change to their program without notice in eliminating the off-peak chart to South America…. US Airways stopped flying to South America. And the off-peak award was always US Airways metal. So the off-peak option ended. But that’s not a no-notice change to the program.

  7. @Gary Thanks for the response. The reason I asked that was in case Barclay offered a sign-up bonus for the new AA card – I wanted to see if I’d be eligible for that bonus if I were to cancel the US Airways card before it’s converted.

  8. @Kev – Barclays will not be the issuer of American cards going forward. They issue the US Airways card. Period. That will become an AA card when the programs combine.

  9. @Kev – Just to be clear, Barclays will not be issuing new cards once that happens. However, if you apply now, your card will be “grandfathered in.”

  10. Word months ago was that you could churn these easily without closing the prior. Even the CEO said he was trying to get these cards into as many hands as possible, one of the bloggers posted his statement.

    I already have one, applied for another 4 months later but they said no, cannot have more than one of the same product. Not surprising they cracked down, but maybe you’ll be luckier.

  11. Ha so you are going to mention the 50k bonus, which I received in the mail and is a simple URL that I’m sure was shared with you, but only provide your referral link to the 40k one. Zero conflict of interest there bud.

  12. @Tyler please share the URL!

    Everyone who has told me about this has gotten something strictly targeted or so they say. That’s been my understanding about the 50,000 point signup offer.

    I’m obviously not hiding that they are sending out 50,000 point targeted offers. That’s the lead-in to this post.

    If there’s a non-targeted one I would love to highlight it. URL, please??

    Thank you!

  13. I have the US Airways card and received the bonus. I don’t intend on using it further. Is there any reason I shouldn’t cancel this card? I guess I don’t understand the benefit of keeping it once US Airways and American become one…Thanks

  14. I am a bit disappointed that they would not honor the 50,000 offer they sent me they day I applied and was approved for the 40k offer.

    At least I only had to buy Tic-Tacs to get it. Hopefully this compliments the AA Executice MC.

  15. I got the 50K targeted offer with a unique URL option. I already have the card and got it <3 months ago with a 40K bonus. I'm wondering there is any chance I could get another one (without cancelling my old one), given they targeted me. Any chance of this with Barclay?

  16. @Kectc no one knowledgeable ever said these or any other Barclay’s cards were “easy” to churn. And there is no evidence they are cracking down – its always been rare for anyone to get 2 Barclay’s cards within a 6 month period.

  17. Today a Barclays Card Services representative advised me that a promotion code would be needed in order to receive 10,000 additional bonus miles (I did not receive a targeted offer).

    @Dave Barclays approved three cards (Arrival+, Ring, and U.S. Airways) for me with some reallocation of credit lines. Suspect they liked that I was directing business from another large issuer…

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