“One Card to Replace Them All” Ready to Ship!

When ‘Coin’ was announced back in November, an app you’d manage on your phone and a single card onto which you could load your many credit cards… and gift cards.. cough.. it was greeted with a great deal of excitement. (See “One Card to Replace Them All (in Your Wallet)”)

There were skeptics. The battery doesn’t last forever and isn’t replaceable, it isn’t going to work with EMV Chip cards that I can imagine. But it’s still a pretty cool innovation though of course there are others in the market.

I just had to have one, so I placed an order. They said it wouldn’t be available until summer. Tick, tock.

Today I got an email that I could set up my account to begin the process of ordering one for shipping.

I bought two, so I created my account and then assigned one to myself and gifted the other.

Still, shipping isn’t happening quite yet. You can’t even download the app yet.

  • Download the Coin mobile app.
    • iOS launches on August 28th
    • Android launches on September 25th

  • Sign in to the app with this account. Just select “I already have an account.”
  • It sounds like it’ll be here soon enough, though, that at least I don’t feel like they just took my money and didn’t deliver anything. What it is they’re actually delivering, well, I’ll just have to wait a month since I’m not an iOS guy.

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    1. @Matt after reading that piece, all it says is you can choose to have them ship you beta now or wait to get final release later. So — surprise — they’re delayed, like every IT project in history. And they want to keep their word on shipping, it seems, so will give you what they have now if you want. Interesting.

    2. Aren’t you concerned about the lack of smart chip since that is the focus of most credit card carriers in the US recently?

    3. @Don R – I flag the issue in the post! I think that will be a long-run issue to solve, but this will work just fine for the first Coin card (the battery only lasts a couple of years anyway)

    4. So what’s so great about being able to skim your own credit cards? It’s called a felony if anyone else does it.

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