The Card You Want to Have Which Offers to Most Targeted Bonuses

Earlier today I shared an insider’s view of why card companies offer spending bonuses and waive foreign transaction fees.

  • If they can get you to use their card more with a bonus, they’ll get you in the habit of continuing to use the card… even when there’s no bonus.
  • They fear that if you put away your card that has foreign transaction fees when you travel abroad, that you’ll keep it in your wallet when you return, too.

So it’s not surprising to see the US Airways Premier World MasterCard offering targeted spending bonuses and in some cases also offering to refund foreign transaction fees.

The card offers 50,000 US Airways miles after first purchase, which is fantastic (no minimum spend requirement). The card will only be available until US Airways and American combine into one airline. And at that point your US Airways and your American miles will combine into one account balance, also, making it easier to have a free trip. So don’t miss out on this card and its bonus before it’s too late.

There’s no card I’ve seen offering as many or as regular targeted spend bonuses in addition to and after giving that big signup bonus. Cardholders may see things shortly after signup like ‘spend $500 per month for three months and earn 15,000 bonus miles’ (that amounts to an extra 10 miles per dollar, so 11x on spend for those three months!).

Right now most cardmembers appear to be targeted for a 20% bonus on points earned between July 1 and August 31, up to 10,000 bonus points. I’ve seen reports of 30% bonuses too.

In addition it seems there are also targeted offers of refunding any foreign transaction fees incurred in July and August (with the funds put back onto your October card statement).

They’re aggressively figuring out and testing ways to get you to use their card — and keep using it. Which from the standpoint of a consumer getting more miles, that’s great to see. More miles in our accounts. Of course you have to have the card to get targeted for a spending bonus.

But that doesn’t mean they’ll outsmart us and get us to start using their cards even when it’s less advantageous to do so than using competitor products. You’ll still want to use the card that’s right for each type purchase that you spend a lot on.

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US Airways Premier World MasterCard

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  1. Indeed, “keep in wallet” sounds like it is being used. “Sock drawer” would’ve been more appropriate.. had to re-read multiple times to get the point.

  2. Would be nice if mentioned required to pay 89.00 fee up front and since they only are “testing no F/X –not as good as your selling “which is fantastic”–FULL DISCLOSURE PLEASE

    Why not say —

    with the $89.00 fee “The card offers 40,000 US Airways miles after first purchase, which is fantastic (no minimum spend requirement)”

  3. Nice try with “They’re aggressively figuring out and testing ways to get you to use their card — and keep using it.” The cc companies have you eating out of the palms of their hands.
    I’ll be cancelling my 2 USeless Airways card.
    20% doesn’t get me excited when there are many ≥2x cards. Their first offer in more than a year.

  4. Hey Tyler, do you actually mean to be an a-hole or does it just come naturally? You comment here a lot so you must read the blog a lot. It costs you nothing to use Gary’s link for the card and then he gets something instead of going through the bank site, no one but the bank gets anything. And telling others to follow your lead? Total douche move. I don’t know why Gary (or Lucky, for that matter, since you’re a total jerk over on his blog too) puts up with you. Unfortunately I read the comments on the posts, which are mostly informative, so I’m subjected to the dreck you spread around.

  5. Ahh Jennyfourtop, I love ‘cheerleaders’ who think any view different than their own is the worst thing in the world.

    It was a joke- I didn’t sign up on I posted that because I thought I was clicking on an actual analysis post, not just a thinly veiled cc pitch for the same card we’ve heard about 1000 times.

    But actually from an IT security standpoint it is much more beneficial for you to use the bank’s official site. If you used a blogger’s link and it was corrupt, who do you think would help you?

    Funny how you singled me out when the majority of the comments on this article are negative.

  6. “Ahh Jennyfourtop, I love ‘cheerleaders’ who think any view different than their own is the worst thing in the world. ”

    Isn’t that EXACTLY what prompts your incessant gripes? Look in the mirror and think about whether your comments reflect the kind of person you actually want to be. It would sure be a scary thought if they actually do!

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