The American AAdvantage 100,000 Mile Credit Card Bonus is Gone!

In my list of outstanding credit card bonus offers that won’t last I wrote that the Citi American Airlines Executive card’s 100,000 mile bonus offer wouldn’t be around long, indeed that I had been surprised it had lasted as long as it did (we had it around for nearly five months).

That card had been number one on my list of best current signup bonuses. There are others that won’t last more than a few more days as well.

Now that the Citi Executive card 100,000 mile offer is gone, I notice that the 75,000 mile signup bonus offer is gone, too. That leaves us with a 50,000 point bonus.

At the card’s $450 price point I don’t find that attractive, except for people who really need to put $40,000 spend on the card to help earn 10,000 miles towards their elite status.

Instead, I include in my top 10 bonus list the regular Citi AAdvantage card which has a 50,000 point signup bonus and a $0 fee the first year.

Update: It may still be possible to get the 100,000 mile bonus offer.

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  1. Not true!

    The 75K and 60K links I have still showing a landing page and live application links. The 100K is not showing the landing page but is showing a live application page. I applied and need to call in now.

  2. It might be gone now but it will probably be back at some point. Selling $450 annual fee cards is a tough sell. The big guy in the space is AMEX. Once Citi sees less applications they will do something to get applicants. Remember there are just so many prime credit card holders. While we are willing to juggle cards, so many people I know who have good credit dont bother applyign for new cards and frankly stick to a small few anyway.
    I know Delta has lost many Reserve card holders after all of their award changes and such, and club changes regaridng having 1 guest with you. Just look at the feedback on the AMEX website.

  3. This was a good deal that lasted a very long time. I haven’t spent my miles from this one yet, but I need to – that AA devaluation has to be coming sometime. At the very least, I expect their “off peak” 40k availability to go from 6 months of the year down to the 6 weeks that US Airways runs.

  4. Just applied using the Dan`s Deals link. Had to call in to move some credit around but was approved for my 2nd 100k card (agent verified 100k miles & $200 statement credit bonuses.

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