How to Buy Hilton HHonors Gold Status for as Little as $30

Hilton HHonors Gold is available for sale on eBay.

I love that it is advertised with ‘Free Shipping’.

The ‘buy it now’ price is $30, and apparently as I write this 126 have been sold.

I’d guess that the status is actually worth more than $30, that the price incorporates a discount for risk — you can’t actually, legitimately, buy Hilton HHonors status on eBay. Hilton could ‘win’ an auction to identify the seller, and then among other things press that seller or otherwise discern the identities of all buyers.

And of course there’s some risk (that seller reputation is supposed to mitigate, but can be gamed) simply accompanying any purchase on eBay.

I also see the status as worth more than $30 because Hilton’s Gold status is the best all-around mid-tier hotel status, good for modest upgrades, free internet, and free breakfast in a hotel chain with a massive footprint. My general advice is to stay with Hyatt or Starwood, but maintain easy Hilton status for those times your preferred chain doesn’t have a hotel where you need to stay (yes, still).

The price is presumably driven down as well because the status is simply easy to get.

I think the credit card is the better approach, but I’m curious how the seller has access to so many Gold status account upgrades.

(HT: Milepoint)

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  1. I am not so sure about this bit:
    “Please send me a message include your HHonors number and pin after making a payment. I will upgrade your membership in the next 24 hours.
    Many thanks :)”

  2. It’s not even like HH Gold is difficult to attain! I mean…if you’re running the risk of illegality, at least sell a status that is a tad harder to achieve!

  3. Gold is also granted if you went to certain schools, too…right, Gary? I think that’s how I got my status.

  4. Think I would rather wait to inherit my gold status from my long lost stepfather’s third cousin’s nephew in Nigeria. At least when I give him my money and Hilton account number I know it is safe.

  5. “also granted if you went to certain schools”

    Did this require just a proper e-mail address from that school!!
    If so, someone with e-mail address(es) from the right school could get any number.(and sell on e-bay) or was more required than just e-mail address/

  6. It’s either a great way to get Gold status, or a great way to lose all your HHonors points, or maybe both.

  7. On the other hand, this could be a Hilton employee on their way out the door trying to make a quit buck before exiting.

  8. Be sure to include your credit card number, expiration date, pin, and currently available credit line with your purchase request. 🙂

  9. If I had to guess, it’s something like the pretend-you-have-a-certain-Australia-credit-card “trick” from a couple of years ago. Obviously, it’s buyer beware. Also, somebody else could simply post the trick for karma, and then others could use it at their own risk.

  10. I got HH Gold with the milepoint premium. Did not think much of it at the time but have actuallly enjoyed it this year. Hope it is offtered again.

  11. is it even worth it? past few months i have had to beg and plead for the slightest semblance of a late check out at various hilton properties

  12. I covered this as well, HT to you added since I see you got there first. It’s a pretty lousy risk – legit offers don’t generally ask for your username and password. Even if the seller can and does deliver, what are the odds Hilton lets you keep it?

  13. In case it wasn’t obvious enough in the post, I strongly recommend against. Sharing because I found it curious, because it prompts all the other ways to get it, and because it suggests a ‘going market rate’ for the status.

  14. One of my readers emailed me about this a couple of months ago. It DOES work – he bought one. And, like you, I couldn’t work out HOW it was done unless it is a bunch of business school guys sharing the referrals out.

    Or perhaps one person changing the account address to a business school one, doing the upgrade (automated I assume) then changing the address back. And the Hilton system allowing you to use the same email again and again?

  15. Absolutely great post driving home that Hilton status is dog meat………….what would any idiot want to gain Diamond status with Hilton as it is worse than a “stick in the eye”… is absolutely an insult……..when you check in with hilton Diamond status the next words that leave your mouth should be “please come around from the counter and choke me until I am dead because I am clueless to be your premium member”………

  16. Interesting. Thanks for sharing!

    If it is the business school email promo, maybe s/he’s using the “.” trick a la Gmail addresses.

  17. The most fascinating part is that this gives Gold either through March 2017 (for $30) or March 2020 (for $70). What kind of codes/legit ways are there to get multi-year status? And how can we get Hyatt Diamond/SPG Plat50 like that 😉

  18. The guy may have been producing fake statements from a competing hotel loyalty program and then sending them as the account holder for a status match/challenge.

  19. And eBay/PayPal financially facilitate this theft, collecting fees too. Oh, they are so innocent.

    Lock ’em up. I earn status, and spit on eBay and their boardroom making it worse for all of us. Thanks

  20. We have just checked into Hilton Reykjavik and were informed that in order to use the executive lounge we need gold card status. I have also just seen an ad for gold card upgrade for 30 us. .and I would really like to get upgraded to gold while we are here hope you can help thanks.

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