North Korea Kim Jong-un’s Private Jet

Here’s North Korea’s Kim Jong-un in his private jet. (HT: @CurtisMelvin)

    Kim Jong-un's private jet
    “It’s good to be the king.” – Mel Brooks

Don’t forget that communist North Korea’s state-owned Air Koryo offers more than one class of service.

Even though he’s not a qualified pilot, the North Korean dictator apparently likes to steer the plane. He reportedly has a private island as well.

While it’s always wise to be skeptical of good news reports coming out of North Korea, it’s possible that some North Koreans are getting new televisions so it may not be all bad.

And this is arguably better than commandeering scheduled commercial aircraft for your travels as happens elsewhere.

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  1. Air China flies Beijing-Pyongyang, I have never seen award availability on that route but it would be quite the frequent flyer accomplishment to get award seats. Then again, Air Koryo is a much more interesting, white glove service experience.

  2. @Eric M – I’d be afraid of being executed when positioned myself to Pyongyang for the trip! Voluntary charity vs state action and all.

  3. According to North Korean state owned version of Seat Guru (guru being Kim Jong-un of course), Air Koryo is the best and most luxurious airline in the entire world.

  4. Fun to joke about N Korea, but I’d bet he has a very nice jet, that this is NOT fake, and that any TVs North Koreans get are entirely filled with propaganda.

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