Comment Here for a Chance to Win (A Bunch Of) American Airlines Lounge Passes

Last month I was giving away 25,000 American AAdvantage miles and a whole bunch of lounge passes.

Citibank offered them up to me to share with readers, highlighting their classy move to reach out to American Express Platinum cardholders. Platinum cards no longer offer American or US Airways lounge access, and Citibank is the sole issuer of cards that offer lounge access with the new American Airlines.

Citibank has the most generous credit card signup offer in the market with a 100,000 mile signup bonus for their Executive Card which bundles lounge access.

It turns out that they sent me a whole bunch of extra club passes, more than I needed to fulfill the last contest, so I’m giving the extras away here on the blog!

I am not being compensated by Citibank for highlighting their 100,000 mile bonus or giving away prizes. And as I shared in the original contest post, I am not keeping any of the prizes for myself — so I need your help to take the extra lounge passes off of my hands.

Here are the prizes:

    Three prizes of (4) American Admirals Club passes each

So here’s how you enter.

  • I have several trip report sections on the blog. I have a page of airline reports, of hotel reports, of airline lounges, food, and activities and other quirky things.
  • Visit the airline lounge review page
  • Leave a comment on this blog post. Answer the question, “what is your favorite airline lounge, of those that have been reviewed on this blog?”
  • Enter by Noon on Sunday June 1. That’s 2 days from this writing.
  • Enter as many times as you like, but… You can list any and as many of your favorite lounges as you like, but each entry has to be a lounge I have reviewed on the blog. And if you enter more than once you must say why you like the lounge you’re entering with.
  • Prize winners will be drawn at random. As in past, I will use for the drawing.
  • Fine print. Void where prohibited by law. All of my decisions are final and unappealable, I want to make giveaways as easy as possible and with the fewest headaches possible. Redemption of Admirals Club passes are subject to Admirals Club Terms of Service.

So, what is your favorite airline lounge that’s been reviewed on this blog?

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  1. I like the AA Admirals Club at ATL. It is easy to access even if I take other airlines’ flights.

  2. Count one more for the AmEx Centurion Lounge at DFW. Got a manicure last time and enjoyed a glass of wine. Never been more relaxed for a flight.

  3. Definitely the Lufthansa First Terminal. I mean it had a bar of 30 different types of bottled water. It doesn’t get much more over the top than that!

  4. The AC transborder lounge in YYZ, because that’s the only one on your list that I’ve been to.

  5. I loved Cathay Pacific’s “The Wing” lounge in Hong Kong. I was flying first class so I had an opportunity to take a shower in a cabana, and have a lovely meal at the sit-down restaurant. Beats the Red Carpet Club at DEN, that’s for sure!

  6. Bangkok Airways’ lounge (in Bangkok) was a lovely perk for an economy class flyer. I don’t mind waiting in the gate area, but this was much more comfortable and less crowded. I don’t think many of Bangkok Airways’ passengers knew about their lounge, but it’s open to all passengers.

  7. DFW D, not so much for the lounge, just that Dallas is the friendliest place to arrive back in the USA. And the lounge is nice too.

  8. Cathay Pacific’s “The Pier” lounge was very comfortable during my recent trip to Asia. I read a press release where they described designing it to feel like a living room, and I think they did a great job in that regard. The furnishings were quite nice and comfortable. The only downside was that it was quite crowded at 8:30 AM.

  9. And a vote for Chicago Terminal K FC, just because it is so close to the gates used for AA flights to LHR.

  10. American Express Centurion lounge DFW. Agree when you said it was the best in North America.

  11. Since American is the preferred airline of my company, my favorite lounge that has been reviewed is the American Flagship lounge at JFK. It might not be as fancy as the international carrier lounges, but I find it overall to be a great lounge for domestic travel.

  12. Concorde Room, London Heathrow because that’s an oasis of tranquility in an otherwise crazy airport.

  13. Centurion at DFW because it is so much better than other US lounges. It is also one of my aspirational, but feasible lounge dreams

  14. The Cathay Pacific lounge in SF was my favorite for a while, probably because I had been used to Delta lounges for so long that I loved the Asian food they offered.

  15. Concorde Club, LHR: fanciest lounge I’ve been to, but I don’t get to many F class lounges either.

  16. AMEX Centurion Lounge at DFW. I’m there now in fact. I wish I could choose the Wing or the Thai First lounge in Bangkok, but sadly I’ve never been. Someday….

  17. Loved the Cathay Pacific The Wing Lounge – nothing beats a noodle bar with great noodles in the lounge.

  18. I’d have to say Krisfkyer Silver Lounger in SIN. Plenary of food selections. And this is the lowest level of SQ’s lounges. Wonder what private room is gonna be.

  19. Air France Lounge- Washington Dulles – nothing special, but the only lounge on your blog list I have visited.

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