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Talking about Up in the Air a couple of days ago, and what we’ve learned since then, brings back a certain nostalgia for that earlier and in some ways more innocent time.

Here’s another edited down scene to go along with the one that I shared on Thursday.

What was your favorite scene in the film?

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  1. “I don’t spend a nickel if I can help it unless it somehow profits my mileage account”, words to live by.

  2. I’ve only seen that movie 3 times in my life (first time in the movie theater back in 2009; second time on a flight in 2010; third time a year ago at a friend’s place) yet each time I watch it, my views of the movie change. I was 25 years old back in 2009 and at the time, I agreed more with Anna Kendrick’s character; yet nowadays, I understand and see George Clooney/Vera Farmiga’s perspective on life.
    I like these two scenes a lot:

  3. I agree with DJP_707. I find it in the store, I go home and buy it online. I have no urge for instant gratification anymore.

  4. I enjoyed this movie, but it wasn’t like Hunt for Red October in that I could watch it at least once or twice a week forever. That said, your recent piece and this one too really reminded me how much I enjoyed Up in the Air. Probably because I’m 40-something…. I found the scene where Anna Kendrick was reviewing her love life woes with Clooney and Vera Farmiga particularly entertaining. No doubt because I’ve found myself in similar conversations with young 20-somethings and other more similarly aged colleagues in my own work life.

  5. I do love that first scene you have up there, and it’s a turn on how she says “basically they’re a fleet of shitboxes – i don’t know how they’re still in business.”

    thanks gary for the reminder

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