Get a Free Starbucks Star!

This isn’t for everyone, but at the same time when I notice these offers they’re surprisingly popular. If there’s one thing I’ve learned is that my readers on the whole like Starbucks. (I already know that you like something free, especially something that starts out too expensive.)

I first wrote about free Starbucks stars a month ago. And then more Starbucks stars. And then two weeks ago yet again. Some may say this is too much coffee, too much of a buzz, but we go once more into that breach.

Reader @Tdrag97 tweeted me to go to and log into my account.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you’ll see:

Click on the link and an additional link will appear at the bottom of the screen to watch a video. Click on that, go do something else for a few moments, and come back to that browser window. You’ll be able to click back to claim your redemption code.

They’ll email you the code to enter to your account.

See here for how to enter the credits you earn, how Starbucks status and free drinks work too.

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  1. Gary, can you comment on rumors of a perpetual Star machine, as suggested by the enigmatic Mr. Pickles?

  2. I’m not a huge *$ fan unless I’m in Folgers country (the majority of the middle of the country, with a few exceptions–not to denigrate the fine folks there as living in flyover country since I spend a lot of time with family there, but, well, it is) and need an emergency caffeine fix or a not-really-coffee-cold-drink-with-caffeine on a hot day, but these social media star campaign things are effective on me. It’s actually a lot of work to build up the 15 stars required for a free drink if you’re not actually buying drinks at starbucks, and so every time you claim one of these offers, you spend several minutes engaged with the Starbucks brand (maybe that’s why they make it so convoluted to claim credits and things). That’s more time than I typically spend in a Starbucks in an entire month.

    From a marketing perspective, that’s probably a good thing–especially since these things are often marketing-spin-videos like this one, all about ethical sourcing of coffee (stuff that makes you feel good about the brand). Am I likely to vary my habits and choose a Starbucks over a great local place (like one here in Lancaster I just discovered–Square One, which I’d pit against any of the top-rated shops across the country)? No, but making me feel good about the Starbucks brand is probably a good thing, since it changes my thought pattern from “Eh, mediocre coffee” to “I hope they succeed in making life better for those farmers down there” when I drive by a store.

  3. just worked for me. the text suggested there was one of these for each week in april–wish i had known a few weeks ago …

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