Eat Out Today With Your Chase Sapphire Preferred Card

Today is the day to go out to eat. For breakfast, lunch, and dinner — since the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card earns 3 points per dollar on dining.

It’s the monthly ‘First Friday’ triple miles on dining bonus.

It’s also a great day to buy any gift certificates from your favorite restaurants as well!

I love the slogan they’ve adopted for Sapphire Preferred, So You Can, and the tv spot where Nobu Matsuhisa heads to Franklin Barbecue in Austin to ‘explore something new.’

I also like the capitalized ‘First Friday’ for this promotion. It makes the day sound almost religious.

Of course on days that aren’t the First Friday of the month, the card earns double points on dining still so as my grandfather used to say those days ‘shouldn’t be a total loss’.

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  1. However, for those of you with the Chase Freedom, remember that you can get 5x everyday of the week. If you combine that with a dining rewards program you can get 8x-10x for your meal.

  2. +1 to what Tony said. Hate seeing all the blogs pimping the CSP card for 3x dining Fridays but not even mentioning the Chase Freedom 5x at restaurants this quarter. Something tells me that it has to do with affiliate payouts sadly.

  3. Yeah, I do have the feeling Chase did this just so blogs have an “excuse” to pitch the cards once a month.

    I mean, really. Let’s say I go out for an expensive meal and spend $100. I basically get back $1 more today. After spending 100 bucks. One specific day a month. I mean, really, is this noteworthy?

  4. @Kurt Chase Freedom offers affiliate credit too. I’d use Sapphire Preferred first Friday, and Chase Freedom other days.. remember the Chase Freedom 5x is capped at $1500 in spend at restaurants and Lowe’s

  5. Gary – I love your blog but you could have said that “While Chase Freedom has a 5x bonus on restaurants this quarter, remember it’s capped at $1,500 in total spend so you should also take advantage of CSPs 3.21x on the first Friday of each month if you think you’ll cross $1,500 in restaurant spend in Q2”.

  6. @Anon – that might have been a better formulation. As I say, it wasn’t because of a preference for affiliate links because I have links for both cards.

  7. With obesity being such an epidemic some might save more in the bigger picture by using a 5% card at grocery and have a more sensible dinner at home.

  8. I used to vigorously defend this blog against these types of cynicism. But considering that in the last 4 days, there has been a post discouraging folks from applying for another non-affiliate AA Elite MC, along with 4 posts touting the CSP, I no longer feel that way.

    Sure, the Freedom cc is an affiliate link too, and there have also been 2 posts on that in the last 3 days. But surely the compensation on the no fee card is not as high as on the $95 AF Sapphire. So no wonder one of the posts on the Freedom noted how you “need” the Sapphire (or the equally expensive Ink) to maximize it’s value.

    Credit card sign up bonuses and category spend bonuses are valid and useful FF blog topics. But the constant touting of the CSP here has lately gone over the top.

    I’m guessing what’s going on here is that Gary has quite a bit of MSM coverage lately; meaning lots of newbies without travel ccs are being drawn to this site. And they may just start reading beginning with the day they first arrive. So the CSP is being constantly presented to make sure they see the affiliate link. That may be a sound business strategy for a blog, but it makes things rather tedious for established readers. I used to check in here several times a day; lately it’s become several times a week.

  9. Hmm… as was mentioned an extra 1% isn’t exactly newsworthy… and to get the 7% annual dividend (or 3.21x) you will pay the $95 annual fee. Those costs are consistently omitted in these calculations.

  10. @Robert Hanson – I have consistently promoted the 100,000 signup bonus for the American Executive card and even noted the possibility of getting that bonus more than once. I wasn’t trying to discourage people from doing that in order to get them to apply for other affiliate cards, there was a change to the terms on an application and it was a new development and that seemed worth noting — I flagged in the post that a change in terms does not necessarily tie to a change in behavior on the part of the issuer, but it sure seemed like relevant information to discuss. And some commenters noted they applied after the change in terms and have been assured the bonus attached to their account. It’s coverage of an ongoing offer.

    I always appreciate my commenters even when they are critical of me, or of a given post, and I continue to offer a forum for people to share their views no matter what those are. I consistently learn from my commenters as well. We may or may not always agree of course.

    There’s a delicate balance aside from any financial inssues as far as content goes. Critics in the comments aside, the credit card posts remain the most popular among most readers. Some hate my trip reports, too. And I wrote a TON of posts for a recent trip. Hopefully if this week’s balance didn’t work for you then next week’s will work better. I know that writing 4-7 posts a day that not every post will work for everyone. I hope that 1 or 2 will interest most regular readers, but I also respect it if that turns out not to be the case.

    Thanks for sharing your perspective, as always.


  11. Gary made an excellent point about earnings being capped at $1500 in post #4. Remember, after wine, his average dinner bill comes to around $750 😉

  12. ThePointsGuy gets flamed every time he does this. Really, an extra $1 for $100 of spend one day of the month is not going to get me to Europe in a lie-flat seat.

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