Citi Says They’ll No Longer Give Out 2nd (or 3rd..) 100,000 Mile Bonuses

The 100,000 mile signup bonus offer (after $10,000 spend within 3 months) for a Citi Executive card — the American Airlines card that comes with lounge access, and costs $450 a year (but currently comes with a $200 statement credit — explicitly now suggests you can only get the bonus one time.

This offer is only valid for new accounts. You must be at least 18 years of age. If you are married, you may apply for a separate account. Citibank, N.A. (“we” or “us”) is the issuer of your account. Citibank, N.A. is located in Sioux Falls, SD.

(Emphasis mine.)

Many folks signed up for two, and even three, cards. I haven’t heard if third bonuses have posted for folks, though I have no reason to believe that they won’t.

However it’s an open question whether this will continue. Commenter Steve reports that this change in language on the application was put into place on March 30th.

I’ll be interested in any data points on whether Citi has approved second cards March 30th onward, and if they have whether they’re confirming the bonus attached to the account.

It wouldn’t surprise me if the terms say this but the IT processes don’t yet match the terms, of course.

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  1. Even if the approval systems are in place they can manually claw back if they so choose given this disclosure.

  2. I rather suspect they’ll be happy to _approve_ additional cards (at $450 per) but awarding the bonus is another matter. Now that they’re aware of the issue the cost of 100K miles is enough that it’s probably worth it to them to have someone approve each such transaction (they may well already be doing that) and stop the subsequent bonus awards assuming they can spot them.

  3. “This offer is only valid for new accounts”

    CMMIW but isn’t every card you apply for a new account. It doesn’t say valid only for new customers.

  4. Husband got approved for 2nd card on 3/31 but the agent on the reconsideration line mentioned that he already has the same card and asked why he’s applying for a second one.

    When I got my second card a few weeks ago, the agent didn’t mention my first card, and didn’t list it when going over my existing cards when asked to shift credit lines.

  5. They had similar language last summer on the platinum cards and yet was able to get 4 and their respective bonuses (during the brief period when churning was allowed). No one on the FT forum for the exec cards has reported not being able to get the bonus miles for multiple signups. One member has even reported being approved for her 4th after meeting spend on previous 3. Will wait and see how things unfold before making app #3.

  6. I thought it was always “new accounts” means OK to churn, “new customers” meant no go?

  7. Special thanks to dansdeals for shoving it in citi’s face with a post advertising that he got 600K. guess it was worth him pimping it for all the credit card referrals.

  8. The language has always been present under “Citi Disclosures” on the actual application page. It was present with the AA platinum cards during last summer’s brief churnstravaganza as well. That they put it on the landing page for the updated offer is probably legally no different than when they only had it under the disclosures (I’m not a lawyer). Perhaps it’s just a way to scare off would-be churners, or perhaps they are going to start clawing back miles. My guess is it’s a scare tactic.

  9. Just got approved for a second card after reconsideration. CSA said the 100k bonus offer was applied.

  10. Approved minutes ago for my second card. No call required, instant approval. I don’t think citi gives you the card and then says no to the bonus like Chase does. Hoping anyways.

  11. Am I the only one that worries about the fact that printing all these miles is going to lead to the mother of alk devaluations? It can’t be sustainable, even if they’re getting $250 a pop.

  12. The “new account” verbiage doesn’t necessarily mean “one person one bonus in lifetime.” When I first got the Citi HH card, I tried to have rep bump up to better offer after applying. She explicitly told me she can’t do that and told me to apply again to get higher bonus. I asked even if app says “new accounts” only? And she confirmed and I received. Nothing new about this verbiage.

  13. Why not wait for a 150k or 200k offer?

    BA and Capital One offered 100k with a smaller fee, so it seems feasible!

  14. Mrs. Baxterboy12 and I applied for first 100K offer March 12. Both instant approval. Applied last night, called reconsideration line this AM, and both were approved for card #2! Rep in upper plains area xferred $6K in credit from one of 6 Citi Hilton cards we each had open, and had to get supervisor signature for second card of same likeness. She called me back as promised after 4 hours with the approval news.

  15. I applied for a second card on Monday 3/31 and was approved after calling the reconsideration line (no mention of my existing card). I got the card today, and called to confirm the bonus. They confirmed so no issues so far. The trick will be getting the miles posted.

  16. Just applied for **2nd** 100k card on April 2, 2014 @ 18:44 PDT.

    Application went to pending.

    Called immediately. CSR was able to move $5k from an existing Citi credit card to this card to give me a spend limit of $10k. Didn’t even have to close any cards. Confirmed with CSR that I was eligible for 100k by spending $10k in 3 months and he confirmed.

    Tempted to go for **3rd** card but now that VR is RIP, probably won’t.

  17. @Dave Duh…of course they are going to devalue at some point in the process of integrating with US Airways.

  18. I had the same experience experience as Nate today – applied, moved 6k from another card to get a 11k limit – confirmed the 100k bonus with rep.

  19. good data pts would be those who applied for 2nd card recently, met spend on both, n got full 100k bonus on both

  20. @Al, I’ll report back on April 24 when my 1st statement on 2nd round of cards closes.

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