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Quick giveaway: $200 (2 prizes of $100 gift cards)

I received 5000 Starwood Starpoints from a complaint that I didn’t feel was a great idea for me to take. Rather than trying to get them to claw back the points, I feel better giving something away in its place. A few readers had proactively suggested (I didn’t ask for advice… 😛 ) that I give away Starpoints, but I can’t really transfer them and they’re expensive to buy. So a $100 gift card seems appropriate there.

And in addition I had an extra $100 card I had purchased to do a few experiments with, and that I don’t wind up needing. Obviously it’s money, and I could either use the card or manage to get the funds back into a bank account. But the card was purchased in the name of frequent flyer ‘science’ so I figure it’s worth giving away here as well.

So that’s two good reasons to give away $100, and I thought I’d give away 2 x $100 gift cards. It’s not a monster big prize, so we’re not going to do a multi-day multi-post extravaganza on it. Just a quick giveaway over the course of the next 24 hours. (I’m leaving it open that long to ensure everyone following by email subscription, or regardless of time zone, has a change to participate.)

All you have to do is leave a comment on this post that answers any of the following:

  • What you will do with a $100 gift card?
  • What is the best travel tip you know?
  • What is the most valuable thing you’ve learned from this blog?

Any of these work.

You may enter one time only. By entering you agree that I’m trying to do something reasonably nice and you won’t give me a hard time over the nuances of rules, complain in any way, and agree to be bound by any and all of my judgments are they relate to this offer (and agree that those judgments are final and are not appealable).

Fire away in the comments, I look forward to drawing winners and sending out the prizes.

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  1. Travel tip: take full advantage of relaxed change fees during weather conditions to get the flight you really wanted

  2. best travel tip..take along small ballons and some string to give to children as you travel. Best gift in the world is a child’s smile.

  3. I’ve learned to closely look at the Delta website when i check in–today I received a free upgrade to Economy Plus on one segment and then to 1st class on the second segment!

  4. The most important thing for me about your blog is the example you set of not being too greedy, too excitable, or too entitled. This hobby seems to put us all at risk for these traits.

  5. I’d use the $100 gift card to help support an upcoming conference trip this July. I’m a graduate student without financial support for this trip (where I’ll schmooze and self-market to get a job!) and every little bit helps.

    What I’ve learned? Being reasonable brings great rewards!

  6. Because I love to travel and hate the noise, the $100 would go towards new noise cancelling headphones. My best traveling tip is sign up for Global Entry. Even if you do little traveling abroad, it will get you through TSA check if you add the Trusted Traveler number to your airline profile and have View From the Wing updates sent to your email. I love knowing the latest tips so I can cash in on the best deals.

  7. Give the card to my brother, who has a non profit that works with desperately poor in Tanzania and Cambodia. He just spent $2100 to fly to Tanzania to deal with an emergency. He doesn’t qualify for a lot of credit cards….so no miles for him.

  8. I would use the $100 gift card to take my fiancee out to dinner for her birthday next month. Thanks very much!

  9. No doubt–I’d use the $100 to help pay for our upcoming family trip to Disneyland….time with my wife & daughter is the best investment I’ll ever make!

  10. It’s not one thing that I’ve learned from your blog, but multiple items, for example: 1) The seemingly never-ending list of “unique” partners and ways to use miles and points, 2) warning of forthcoming program devaluations and options to use those points (I zeroed out my Wyndham Rewards account about two years ago after the last deval, so I wasn’t impacted by the recent one), 3) The insight into award and credit card programs (“The Ultimate Guide to AAdvantage Rules” and only using my Chase Explorer card for car rentals), and 4) simple, awesome things like how to override a hotel room thermostat! The list is endless.

  11. Most valuable thing I have learned is the free stopover at the North American gateway on AA reward tickets – effectively getting two tickets for one mileage price.

  12. My number one tip to all travelers, no matter where they’re flying or whatever hotel they’re checking into….”Be extra nice to the person at your gate or to the hotel clerk checking. You will be amazed at what they can do for you just because you’re nice to them.

  13. Best travel advice: No matter where you go, how you go, what the weather is, take a scarf/wrap. It can block the sun, become a towel, take the chill off, carry things, become an attractive accessory, it is small and light… Perfect companion!

  14. I’d use it toward a trip for my wife to visit her brother who has become paralyzed from the waist down.

  15. The most valuable thing I’ve learned is to always check your blog before applying for a new credit card (and to trust your link if there’s no landing page).

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