Last Day to Switch From Google Reader — Don’t Miss Out on Your Fix from View from the Wing!

Google Reader goes away tomorrow.

If you’ve used Google Reader to keep up with View from the Wing, this post is for you. And I’m going to ask you to take action now.

I don’t want to lose touch with you.

Google Reader has been my preferred way of following blogs, and the best way for me to manage all of the people writing about frequent flyer miles and travel, for quite some time. But the product is about to disappear.

I know that several thousand of hte 30,000+ people who keep up with this website use Google Reader, though of course every time pulling up the site in the past couple of weeks I’ve gotten a popup reminding me of its demise.

If you haven’t done anything about it already, there are several easy options.

  • I’ve decided that I like Newsblur the best as a replacement for Google Reader. The free version takes a few days in the queue before they welcome you, and limit you to following 64 feeds. That’s actually plenty for most people. You can get immediate access and lift that cap for $24 per year, something I haven’t done yet but I think will probably be worth it.

  • Sign up to receive posts by email (just one e-mail per day).

  • Actually bookmark this website and visit the old fashioned way 🙂

Truly, whatever way you choose to interact with this blog, it’s great to have you along for the ride.

    You can join the 30,000+ people who see these deals and analysis every day — sign up to receive posts by email (just one e-mail per day) or subscribe to the RSS feed. It’s free. Don’t miss out!

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  1. I have tried almost all of the larger ones, my impressions so far:

    Newsblur: I cannot get the preview window to disappear totally, loading individual article summaries takes long.
    Digg: Somehow it will not show unread counts besides my folders/feeds?
    Feedly: The list with feeds is auto-hidden all the time, which bugs me tremendously..
    AOL Reader: Looks a lot like GReader, both in look and feel. Only issue so far is that articles are not fetched as fast as google used to do, however they are working on this.

    Think I will go with AOL reader for now, perhaps Digg might work well too once they have ironed out the bugs..

  2. I’ve been using for 15+ years. It’s great and allows you to combine all topics of interests – stock quotes, sports scores, weather, world/local news, and of course, RSS feeds from your favorite points bloggers. Simple, effective, and free.

  3. Use the bookmark folder on a web-browser and access each page individually. That’s what I do. For Google to “list” pages and not pay bloggers for the right is simply bad theft.

    My opinion, but Google has been stealing income from everywhere, even places not conceived. They got caught, now Google Reader is history.


  4. I noted on the other post, but again, commafeed is the most direct port of the old Google Reader available, for those like me that just care about not having to re-learn an interface.

  5. switched to feedly for now. it is ok after i switched some settings around. i have my fees into about 4 categories and it does a good all around job.
    i may try another reader soon.

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