50% Bonus When Transferring Hotel Points to US Airways

It sure seems to be US Airways day! (That is, in addition to April Fools Day…)

There’s no registration required. US Airways will give you a 50% bonus on top of whatever miles your hotel program sends over to US Airways with an activity date in April.

The promotion is supposed to be valid for transfers initiated in April, though the terms and conditions appear to have a typo in them since they seem to require points to be reported by a hotel program within the next 9 days!

The last date that activity from a qualifying partner can be received by US Airways for bonus miles consideration is April 10, 2013, regardless of the eligible activity date for such activity.

That’s clearly a mistake, and I’m unconcerned about it. What I don’t know, though, is whether “April 10” actually means “June 10” or some other date. It shouldn’t matter, as a transaction made in April should under normal circumstances post in time.

Eligible hotel programs:

  • Best Western Rewards
  • Club Carlson
  • Priority Club
  • Wyndham Rewards
  • La Quinta Returns
  • Choice Privileges
  • Hilton HHonors
  • Marriott Rewards

They are not bonusing transfers from Starwood this time. That’s a bummer, it’s been the most lucrative transfer option in the past (since 20,000 Starpoints normally transfer to 25,000 miles… under this offer would have become 37,500 miles but not this time).

This is actually a little bit confusing because Starwood is included in their list of hotel partners on the bonus page, but with a note “Variable offers, click logo for details (no 50% bonus)” and an asterisk elsewhere “SPG is not part of the 50% bonus offer.”

The terms and conditions seem to say the bonus can only be earned once. I will only make one transfer under this promotion since the terms say “Dividend Miles members will earn only one bonus when they transfer hotel points into Dividend Miles during the promotion.”

I will probably take this opportunity to liquidate my orphan Wyndham Rewards balance.

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  1. Humm…I have $645 sitting in an e-rewards acct that I’ve been trying to figure out how to maximize. Maybe this is it. (Unless someone else has a better thought!)

  2. @Food Wine and Miles — Is there a bonus for transferring Wyndham points? I see “Variable offers, click logo for details” and when on the website the transfer rates look the same.

  3. I have about 300,000 Hilton Points. Will they actually give me 450,000 miles for those points?

  4. In retrospect, the US Bank Club Carlson card gives you 5 points per dollar. 100,000 Club Carlson points convert to 18,000 US Airways miles, becoming 27k with 50% bonus. This means each dollar spent on the Club Carlson card earns 1.35 US Airways miles and the Club Carlson card beat out the Starwood card this year in terms of earning US Airways miles… if that’s what people are interested in.

  5. Is the thought that these will then become AA Advantage miles at 1:1 when the merger finalizes this year? I dont’ really need US Airways miles but if they then turn in to American miles that would be helpful.

  6. @ Jane S do a little research you will see the exchange rate between Hilton and US is far from 1:1

    Google is your friend 😉

  7. Del..you’re right. I realized my mistake as soon asI wrote it. Sorry for the stupid question. Thanks for kindly letting me know.

  8. Am I reading the terms and conditions right…this is only valid for one transfer per Dividend Miles member? I have miles in a few hotel programs I would like to use.

  9. At what point does anyone think US miles will be redeemable/transferable on/to AA? I booked most of my Hilton points in Bora Bora for mid ’14, so am investigating options. I don’t have many AA miles but I do have a bunch of Marriott points. I was considering redeeming a Marriott travel package to get 180K (120K + 50% bonus) US air miles. US miles are redeemable on Hawaiian but can it be done to PPT on one award from the continental US? Overall AA miles would be better as you can redeem on Air Tahiti Nui.

  10. I assume the sweet spot here would be to do a Marriot package transfer of 270,000 miles (or higher) which would get you one week up to a Cat 5 hotel and 180,000 US Airways miles (120,000 + 60,000 bonus)…this sounds pretty good

  11. FYI: There is also 50% bonus on share miles going on upto 25k bonus miles. Thus transferring 50k miles gives bonus of 25k miles at a cost of $567.5 (cost of 2.27 cent/mile). Not a good value though. Linky: membership.usairways.com/en-US/dividendmiles/programdetails/purchasemiles/sharemiles.html?CAMPAIGNCODE=USLnchSoloEmApr13

  12. I wonder how many will employ the following strategy –
    1. Do a transfer of Starwood points to Div. Miles
    2. Wait for the 20k to 25k Div. Miles to post
    3. Call to USair to repeatedly to complain until they change it to 37.5k Div. Miles. If they don’t, then:
    4. Scream bloody murder when using every travel forum and social medium. (see Hilton/Priority Club/Marriott devaluation threads).

  13. Since the transfers are so low for Hilton and Mariott it really doesnt make any sense for me.

  14. i have 16k Wyndham rewards, but looks like i can either transfer 8k or 17k, now how do i get another 1K point…any ideas Gary/anyone?

    Note : terms state ‘Dividend Miles members will earn only one bonus when they transfer hotel points into Dividend Miles during the promotion.’

  15. @idahost Agreed and I’m tempted but not confident yet it will work. Let us know if you happen to confirm that this will work. I’ll do the same.

  16. @idahost

    The Marriott package would def be the best way to maximize this promo, especially considering the pending devaluation next month. I just did a 300k cat 6 package last month, sending the 120k miles to AS, otherwise I would probably jump on this.

  17. @James – It clearly states SPG does not qualify for this promotion. Am I missing something?

  18. Would doing multiple redemptions in one transaction get the bonus for the total transferred?

    For example, doing two of the 30k Wyndham points = 12k miles redemptions in one transaction.

  19. Sounds like for the Marriott packages you have to book the hotel immediately? I guess that makes a little sense given the need to pick which category you want. Anyone know what kind of flexibility these have? Can I cancel my reservation and then have a 7-day stay credit in my account? With what expiration? Thanks.


  20. So I want to transfer some stranded Best Western points that I have. When I clicked through the U.S. Airways link to Best Western’s page and started the process of transferring the miles, Best Western asked me for a mailing address. Sorry if I am asking a stupid question, but are these things normally mailed as some sort of certificate that I would then need to mail to US Airways? (I’ve never transferred miles from a hotel program to an airline program before, and haven’t stayed at a Best Western in about 6 years and so am not familiar with their program in particular.) Why do they need a snail mail address? I would think this would all be electronic and automatic.

  21. I received an email about this promotion from US Air today. They’ve edited the terms to show May 10 instead of April 10.

    “The last date that activity from a qualifying partner can be received by US Airways for bonus miles consideration is May 10, 2013”

  22. So I transferred 30k Wyndham points to US Air and they’re only showing a 10k point transfer at US Air. Not 12k for the base points and not 18k miles with the bonus. Anyone else get jipped on miles with this transfer?

  23. @Liz – Turns out the 10k points was the anniversary bonus form my US Air credit card. I have gotten the 12k points from Wyndham, just waiting on the 6k point transfer bonus to show up now.

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