Sometimes I Wish Descriptions Could Be More… Descriptive.. When Miles Post

The US Airways Mastercard provides lots of interesting targeted bonuses, in addition to the signup bonus that many folks have found to be churnable. I know I’ve gotten many signup bonuses for the US Airways co-branded credit card over the years.

Having recently reviewed the agreement between the airline and credit card issuer I learned that the bank buys bonus miles at a lower rate than the miles for everyday spend, and also that they’re incentivized to bonus annual retention. The card’s behavior makes a great deal more sene to me now.

A couple of months after getting the card last time I was targeted for a 15,000 mile bonus based on minimum spend for 3 consecutive months.

And subsequently I’ve been incentivized with quintuple miles in specific spend categories, most recently the bonus was capped at just 2500 miles.

Last night some bonus miles posted:

Really? “First use bonus miles” when the miles are clearly not from first use of anything? And there’s no reference to the co-branded credit card as the source of the miles, either.

It’s probably the simplest way to code things, based on existing categories. But it’s also confusing. I had to search my memory to figure out what 2500 miles might be. And even now I merely assume I’m correct about what they’re for.

I implore programs, be a little bit more descriptive when posting miles! I try to track outstanding, unposted miles so I can follow up to ensure they post. Basic descriptions would help a great deal in this quest. Thank you, that is all.

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  1. Looks like the Chairman’s offer was pulled today. Time to get cracking with the news that those affiliate links are no longer be second best. ­čÖé

  2. Mine showed the same description for some miles that had to have been from the CC’s targeted offer to me. It did take me a while to figure out though. Considering the CC and the portal are my only source of US Airways, it shouldn’t be so hard for me to trace miles, but that description is so bad . . .

  3. @HikerT, interesting! I hope my dad ending up applying last night like I had suggested. Glad I applied for my second one on Sunday!

  4. Agree on wishing loyalty programs would be more descriptive. I really like the description of activity that Club Carlson posts:

    Credit Card Points – Club Carlson every day Visa┬« purchases – Feb 05 2013 22,975

    Credit Card Bonus Points – First Purchase Bonus Club Carlson Visa┬« – Feb 05 2013 50,000

    Credit Card Bonus Points – Spend Bonus Club Carlson Visa┬« – Feb 05 2013 35,000

  5. @HikerT – I always always promoted the best available offer for the US Airways card. And the standard offer is not as good. I will write what makes sense to and interests me, and if it happens to be the US Airways card I will share a link to the best available offer at that time.

  6. Doh on missing out for the better offer. There is a 35K offer with the same other benefits (no annual fee, 10K bonus miles on anniversary, etc). See this Flyertalk post:

    My wife and I applied and were both approved and we both still have our previous cards.

    Gary – when do the bonus points post? I completed the 15,000-point offer for spending $750 in 3 consecutive months and my statement closed, but no bonus points. Does it take an additional statement period?

  7. Heh. My 15k bonus for $750 spend in three consecutive months posted as “US WORLD CARD: ADJUSTMENT”. Not too helpful if you don’t already know what it’s for.

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