40,000 Bonus Points Before US Airways Becomes American

Key Link: The US Airways Premier World MasterCard®

On Monday, in response to a number of reader questions, I wrote Should You Get the US Airways and American Credit Cards Now Before Any Merger?

My conclusion was that a merger would take money months to close. These cards aren’t going away right away. But you should still take advantage of the opportunity now.

  • The US Airways Mastercard isn’t going to last, regardless of which bank issues co-branded credit cards after the merger closes — since the US Airways brand is going to go away. Those bonus miles won’t be around forever.

  • Historically it has been possible to get the signup bonus for the US Airways Mastercard more than once. If you get it now, it seems likely there will be time to get it again before the US Airways brand folks into American.

For a long time the ‘best’ offer for the US Airways card has been the one that’s ostensibly targeted for 100,000 mile flyers in the Dividend Miles program.

This is the one that also asked for an employee number as part of the application.

But it worked for everyone. And the reason it was best is because just like the standard offer it promised 40,000 bonus miles after first purchase. But the annual fee for this ‘Chairmans’ offer was also waived the first year, and it promised 10,000 additional miles on cardholder renewal.

Unfortunately, as reported on the comments this morning (actually, by several readers on various posts), that offer is no longer working.

So for folks looking to take advantage of bonus miles opportunities for the US Airways Mastercard before US Airways itself goes away, the best available offer is this one (which is also my referral link, I get credit if you’re approved using the link).

The card has an $89 annual fee, but no minimum spend to get the 40,000 miles.

I have found it’s easiest to close a US Airways Mastercard before applying to get it again for the bonus, but some have had luck explaining that they wanted to keep various kinds of expenses separate on different cards.

But if you haven’t had it, then getting it before the merger actually closes is especially valuable. Those miles will get combined with American miles, and get you closer towards high-value rewards.

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  1. Ah, the Internet! It’s truly amazing how quickly information can become out-of-date. I suggest you check FT.

  2. I just got one of these a couple months ago. If I close and apply again, how long should I wait after closing to re-apply?

  3. if you were going to churn it again, would you close it after 90 days and then reapply on day 91 from the first opening? How much of a wait do you have to give between closing one and trying to churn again?

  4. Kay: When you get these every six months, do you first cancel the existing one? I tried not cancelling one time and it didn’t work. I’m right at the five-and-a-half month mark, so I’ll give it one last try.

  5. I just signed up. How long should I wait until I cancel and then how long should I wait until I re-apply for the bonus?

  6. The flyertalk link also shows offers of 35,000 miles with NO annual fee. Thats probably the best offer. Would you agree?

  7. How long for the bonus miles to post?
    I received the monthly miles from my first statement and no bonus miles

  8. @Troy – Personally, I’d rather pay the annual fee and get the extra 5000 miles. That’s worth an annual fee, IMO.

  9. You seriously think $90 for 40,000 miles is preferable to 35,000 for free? Hmmm. I guess we’ll definitely have to agree to disagree there. But then again, if I had a referral link to the $90 fee version I may agree with you too. 😉

  10. @chris and others — I hadn’t drawn the conclusion that 40k is better, I appreciate as always when folks bring other offers to my attention. It’s more than welcome, and I’ve written a new post about the 35k offer and comparing it to the 40k one.

    I actually DO think I would do the 40k rather than the 35k, but it depends on whether you’ll keep the card through the renewal period, think you’ll get the 10k renewal bonus, and get it before you’re on the hook for a second annual fee. In that scenario the card offering the 10k renewal bonus is the better one.

    But on a straight 40k + $89 vs 35k and no fee, yet I would buy the incremental 5k US Airways miles at a lower price through the credit card signup than I could through the 100% mileage purchase bonus.

    It comes down to whether the price at which you want to acquire the incremental 5k miles. Hopefully my new post lays out these issues so that folks can decide which offer is best for them.

  11. I received the Premier World Mastercard with the 40K miles about a month ago for the first time.
    Can I apply – and might I get approved – also for the Business version and receive the attached bonus miles?
    Or will this not be “appreciated” by Barclays?

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