Your Comments Are In My Spam Queue But I Like You Anyway

Apologies to folks whose comments are taking a long time to show up. Since around 11am Eastern yesterday morning all comments have been getting directed into the spam queue.

I normally get something like 50-100 actual spam comments per hour and those are wonderfully redirected to a place where I never even see them.

And 99.9% of the time when a comment doesn’t appear right away on this blog, it’s not over in the spam folder just in a ‘moderation’ queue. First-time commenters, commenters who include links in their comments, and commenters on especially old threads often get flagged by the system as ‘possible’ spam and I review these a few times a day and clear them out quickly.

Right now I’m having to sort through those ‘up to 100 per hour’ comments in order to find the diamonds in the rough that are your comments. Even my responses are getting redirected there. It’s possible that I may miss one or two in the process.

I hope to have the technical glitch sorted out quickly. I really appreciate all of the feedback, insight, and experiences that readers share here. I even appreciate taking a sound drubbing from y’all when I deserve it, and the opportunity to have a friendly disagreement when y’all only think that I deserve it. 🙂

In the meantime, if you’d like attention to clear a specific comment I may have missed, I invite you to email me directly.

Thanks, and a great Wednesday to y’all!

Update: looks like the comments issue has been fixed, thanks for your patience. I’ve been combing through the spam queue and approving things manually, tremendous apologies if I have missed anything – please do feel free to reach out to me.

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  1. I would leave a comment but no one will see it! 🙂 Grrr.. same on and the other BA blogs too. Hey I will take this bug over BA being down day after day right!

  2. As I’ve mentioned to you before. You should get the Boarding area tech team to help you out with getting the date and time stamp onto your comments. Makes life easier when people are commenting to know when people have commented.

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