50,000 Membership Rewards Bonus for American Express Platinum Card

Reader Lou sends me a link for an American Express Platinum card offering 50,000 Membership Rewards points after $3000 spend within 3 months. (Offer expired)

Now, the Mercedes Benz Platinum American Express has been around awhile offering 50,000 points after just $1000 spend within 3 months at a $475 fee.

But the standard American Express Platinum has generally only been available with a 25,000 point bonus.

None of these are ‘my’ links, anything offering referral credit to me currently has had a maximum bonus of 25,000 points.

Seeing a 50,000 point option — and one that hadn’t previously been available — is always encouraging.

The 50,000 American Express points are certainly worth more than the annual fee. The card also comes with lounge access:

  • Delta lounges when flying Delta same-day
  • American lounges when flying American same-day
  • US Airways lounges regardless of whom you are flying
  • A Priority Pass Select membership which currently includes Alaska Airlines lounges and a variety of international lounges

In addition the card comes with a $200 annual airline fee credit (you pick one airline for the year) and will reimburse the $100 fee for Global Entry expedited immigration (that can also make you eligible for TSA PreCheck).

I think the card is worthwhile on an ongoing basis for lounge access, certainly if you fly an airline other than United (where it doesn’t provide access) and certainly if you find yourself on a variety of airlines.

But there’s little question to me that it’s worthwhile getting the card for a year, given the bonus.

The best argument against getting the card is the hope for an even bigger offer, American Express has been known to send out targeted 100,000 point signup offers for the card. I’ve never personally seen one, however.

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  1. I’m curious about the terms and conditions. I currently have an AMEX Gold (never had the platinum) and have had it for about 13 months now. Does that mean I can’t apply for this since I’ve “had this product within the last 12 months or any Consumer ZYNC®, Green or Gold Card account within the last 90 days.”?

    Anyone have any experience?

  2. I got a targeted 100k offer for the AmEx Plat (3k spend in 3 months) a few weeks back, easy pickup :). Never had an AmEx previously

  3. Got the Amex Platinum — they sent me a solicitation for 40,000 miles after $1 k purchase. I assume it’s because I have been Diamond or Platinum for a few years.

    Will let you know how smoothly this goes. So far, they processed my app and sent the new cards (for me and wife) within two weeks.

    As to Noel’s question about upgrading from his Amex Gold, the terms of the deal are fairly clear — they won’t give you the miles if you are switching from another of their cards. Makes sense if their purpose is to bring in more customers. However — and I will sound to you like Gary — why not call them and ask them to upgrade you per the promotion?

  4. If I apply now, do I get pro-rated annual fee plus $200 airline credit for this year, then $200 credit +$450 annual fee next year?

  5. @Tao, I’m pretty sure the $450 will not be pro-rated, you’ll just get billed $450 on your first billing statement and each year thereafter. But yes, the $200 credit can be taken this calendar year and again next calendar year. So if you can take advantage of both $200 credits, think of it as a $50 annual fee in the first year for 50k pts and lounge access.

  6. I have a link (my referral) for Business American Express Platinum card – 50,000 MR points after spending $5000 in 3 months. E-mail me ptroy42 at gmail dot com if interested.

  7. Gary, can I buy AA gift cards for my $200?

    Also, as I have lounge access on AA, 99% of my flying (my company pays for the Admiral’s Club). But I do want Global Entry (even though I’m already TSA pre-check).

    Any other cards give the Global Entry rebate?

  8. I logged in with my amex account after going to that link and got this message. We apologize that the offer you are looking for is no longer available.
    Click here to learn more and apply for the current offer available to existing
    American Express ® Cardmembers.

  9. If you need 50K points in a hurry, go with the Mercedes version.
    Not only is the $1000 spend low, but my points posted the day after $1000 in spend posted, and it counted the $100 Global Entry and the $200 in airline credit (both already reimbursed).
    You can make up the extra $25 in annual fee reselling the $100 in free Mercedes gear you get, if the extra cost bothers you.

  10. I get the same message Tony does — no longer available.

    What if anything do you lose with the Mercedes card? I don’t care about the additional $25, that’s chicken feed. Do you still get $200 in airline fees reimbursed EACH calendar year, i.e. $400 over the next 12 months? And equal lounge access?

  11. UPDATE: I tried submitting the long application form (“not an existing cardmember”), and was instantly approved! On the acceptance page, it clearly states I’ll earn 50K points. Thanks Gary and Lou!

    BTW, the Mercedes card has little appeal for me since it doesn’t appear to earn airline fee credits. I have no interest in owning a personal automobile.

  12. @Gary, can you confirm that the Mercedes card comes with $200 airline credit? I remember you mentioned that in your previous posts. I didn’t find that on their website, though.

  13. For your UK readers, don’t forget there is also 52K points offer for spending 2,000 in 3 months. Only available via referral, I believe. Happy to refer if anyone UK-based folks want one, and Gary’s ok with it.

    Also, for folks that get an error when clicking Gary’s link above, make sure you log out of your Amex account before clicking. If you click while logged in, it’ll give you an error.

  14. @Tao and @Explore
    I have the MB Plat, and got $200 AA reimbursed. I also had Global Entry reimbursed, lounge access, Starwood Gold, etc. It’s the same card with a few added Mercedes perks.

  15. @ Gary- Thanks for sharing offers that do not earn you referral credit.

    @ Explore- The mercedes card most certainly does come with the ‘airline fee credits’ as well as ALL the other benefits of Amex Plat.

  16. I don’t understand this
    If the MB Plat has all of the Amex Platnum benefits and a lower spending limit. Isn’t it clearly a better product?

    Do they have the same amount of annual fees?

  17. dead!!

    We apologize that the offer you are looking for is no longer available.
    Click here to learn more and apply for the current offer available to existing
    American Express ® Cardmembers.

  18. I get the same message as Ellen.

    Gary, is the annual $200 credit based on calendar year or card year? I would have assumed the later, but Ben said in a post that you can get it twice, once before Jan 1 and once after.

  19. My unemployed wife, who has never had a credit card of her own, got one of the 100k targeted offers for the platinum. Irked the heck out of me as I’ve never so much as gotten an Amex targeted anything.

  20. I got the message no longer available, but after I cleared my cookies and temporary internet files the app came up. I have logged into AMEX from this computer, and it evidently detected that.

  21. Hey guys,

    The fine print doesn’t state that this card comes with the $ 200 airline incidental fees. Can the people who got the card using this link confirm whether this card has the airline incidental fee or NOT? Also, how soon do you get the card after you’re approved for it and how long does it take to get the Priority Pass card. I’m just trying to figure out the average time it takes to get the both aforementioned cards.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

  22. on the aplication it says ,”Welcome bonus offer not available to applicants who have had this product within the last 12 months or any Consumer ZYNC®, Green or Gold Card account within the last 90 days.”
    so if i am a premier rewards gold member, i will not receive the 50,000 welcome bonus?

  23. The fine print does state it comes with the $200 incidental fee (it’s #10): “Enroll and select an airline to receive up to $200 annually in statement credits for incidental fees such as checked bags, in-flight refreshments, and change fees.”

  24. Maybe the $100 rebate was replaced by the International Airline Program (#12)? “Enjoy a companion ticket offer with the purchase of a qualifying international Business Class ticket when you book with Platinum Travel Service and enjoy the flexibility of a refundable ticket with no blackout dates.”

  25. I do NOT see the $200 statement credit in the benefits for the Mercedes Platinum Amex.

    There is money towards a Mercedes Benz lease and accessories, but I see nothing about the $200 statement credit.

    Can someone let me know if I’m wrong?

  26. Just FYI over the last 5 years I have received multiple 25k offers for Amex cards and 3 offers for 50k bonus for the gold card with $175 annual fee (but waived the first year). I have signed up for the 50k offers, spent 1k (or maybe 500 the first time around – don’t quite remember) and cashed in the 50k for gift cards. Last time they had a sale on Home Depot cards so I ended up with I think $650 in HD cards. Once I had cashed in the points I cancelled the card (to avoid the 2nd year fee).
    The 3rd offer arrived today. I will sign up again!

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