15,000 Alaska Airlines Miles for New T-Mobile Account

Earning miles for phone service — both long distance and mobile phone service — used to be a big mileage earning opportunity. I seem to recall signing up for a 2-year deal that was supposed to earn me 40,000 Northwest miles once upon a time.

Switching long-dstance carriers was a big mileage opportunity, for sure. But since landlines have more or less gone the way of the dinosaur outside of office contexts, and cell phone number porting makes it easier to switch carriers and so the lifetime value of a customer is lower, telecommunications companies are less inclined to spend as much to acquire customers.

Which is what makes it out of the ordinary to see a generous mileage bonus for phone service.

Via Mommypoints, T-Mobile is offering 15,000 Alaska Airlines miles for new accounts.

  • Available only to customers activating a new account
  • Two-year contract on a qualifying plan required
  • One offer per T-Mobile account
  • Must have an active Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan membership number
  • Account must be in good standing with T-Mobile for at least two months of service
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    1. Aargh! I just got a new T-Mobile account in August…. Any experience with them that they wud backdate?

    2. If one signs up for a Tmobile prepaid account (no paper bill though) they will spend hundreds less over the course of a two year contract and have no 35 dollar activation fee.
      With prepaid service you are paying less and there is no contract at all.You are free to go at anytime.I pay many months upfront and have never had a billing concern yet or overcharge as I did under contract numerous times.
      I’d say its a break even deal when you add the higher costs taxes and fees under this promotional offer over the course of two years.However for those fine being bound by a contract and in need of a paper bill this could work but you are clearly paying for those miles.And if you add most of the upgrades you are paying way more than the miles.Then there is Tmobile’s in shambles customer service that was was once the gold standard in the industry some years ago.
      That is something I’m afraid no plan or contract can fix šŸ™

    3. agree with Don H. prepaid is the way to go, it is all over the world except the USA where people still fall for this contract traps.

    4. In my past experiences with t-mobile their coverage leaves a lot to be desired. It worked fine outside but once you went into any sort of building the coverage dropped to nothing. I switched from their prepaid service to a prepaid sim from straight talk which for $45 a month (+tax) gives me unlimited everything and uses AT&T’s GSM network which is much better.

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