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  1. It may not be well-known, but BTV has the tightest security in the western world. I fly out of there a few times each year and it is always on lockdown. It was at the BTV checkpoint that I first learned that apple pie is a gel.

  2. AKAIK, it’s around the same ratio on – good point, though! Does Esso Extra have a minimum swap on

  3. Esso extra –> RBC rewards –> BA or AA is a better option if wanting to convert to miles at a better rate.

  4. The Esso Extra deal is beyond horrible. The best deal is to convert them to Avion and then BA during a 50% bonus. You can pretty much convert Aeroplan to Esso to BA this way 1:1, or Esso to BA at about 1.2:1. Or convert to AA during a bonus for about 1:0.9. Did this for the Aeroplan Star Challenge =)

  5. But you need Avion for that, Jonathan ­čÖü No RBC products over here… For the desperate, the method works well. The Sobeys thing is instant (overnight), too – no wait time.

  6. Or you can collect Aeroplan points straight from the pump @ $3.00 -> One mile. Avoid Esso Extra points all together.

  7. Gary–thanks for sharing that TSA/Football article…very interesting. Interestingly, fortunately, I have never been scrutinized in my travels, esp.the places I been to ….I haven’t had any problems (knock on wood) and I’m guilty of Flying While Brown too hehehe.. (whew)

    is it because I’m handsome maybe?? That’s what my mom tells me at least ­čÖé

  8. No one called it a “deal” nabeelj; I know your native language is probably not English with a username like that – so I’ll speak slowly – and explain that quotations are only used when quoting someone ­čśë

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