UsingMiles Free Lifetime Premier Membership

LufthansaFlyer is offering free lifetime Premier membership to

Now, I haven’t used UsingMiles, I manage my miles with Award Wallet and haven’t heard of features that would be enough to move me over.

But UsingMiles does offer their ‘premier’ membership for a fee usually. And this isn’t just one year of premier for free to get you to move over (and incur the switching costs of entering your account information), it’s lifetime premier for free. So I figured I would pass it along, anytime you can get ‘lifetime’ something for free in travel (which is usually lifetime of the travel provider, rather than your lifetime, cough) it’s worth passing along!

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  1. I signed up for this and noticed that UsingMiles has nice summary of currently available bonuses and offers from each airline.

    Otherwise doesn’t seem to be much different that Award Wallet – perhaps a slightly cleaner UI, but that’s only personal preference.

    Of course my biggest concern is that yet another service has access to my userids and passwords – and another security risk, however small.

    It would be easier to use if I could import info from LastPass or a similar password vault.

  2. @anon,

    Thanks for the info. Just deleted my account. I hadn’t put any info in it and wasn’t planning to since it looked redundant with Award Wallet. But nevertheless, I’d rather they didn’t have even my email.

  3. Austin Veith has not been employed or involved with UsingMiles in over a year and a half and thankfully yesterday represented closure for many of his victims, including us. We are happy to get guys like this off the street, because they make it tough on us entrepreneurs (and our investors) who are building legitimate, well-intentioned, helpful and useful businesses. is 100% focused on serving our expanding list of partners and fast-growing membership base. We were thrilled to reach a huge milestone this week as we hit the 9 billion-mark in the number of points and miles we manage for our members!

  4. @KP. You went to b-school and founded a company with that creep. Hard to believe you didnt know his MO. You are the company you keep.

  5. “You are the company you keep.” – Anon.

    Great, we need more know-it-all, cliche-spouting haters.

  6. @jerry I think you are out of luck. AA is not shown, and although SW is, it is only manual entry.

  7. Before turning over your third party login/password information to any site like Using Miles or Award Wallet, take a long hard look at their privacy polices and ask yourself:

    1. Is it clear who owns my info that I enter into the site?

    2. Have they clarified what they can and cannot do with my logins/passwords?

    3. Do they have a procedure for removing all of my data from their servers if I chose to close my account?

    4. How do they safeguard my third party login/password information on their own servers (and that’s doesn’t mean SSL, HTTPs, that’s how they safeguard information when in transit between your computer and their server, this is about how do they promise to secure your data even from their own employees on their servers.)

    Decide for yourself if Using Miles has adequate policies and safeguars in place in a manner that binds them to those policies or not.


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