View From the Wing Gets Excited for Buy Onboard Food!

AAdvantageGeek offers a rundown of the comings and goings in the new American Airlines Buy Onboard menu.

Apparently the Boston Market carver sandwiches, the turkey, and the snack box are gone, along with the chocolate covered waffle.

In there place you’ll find a California Cobb Salad and a Briscuit, Lettuce, and Tomato sandwich, both of which sound quite good in their descriptions. There’s also an oatmeal, cranberry, and chocolate cookie that I’m guessing I could do without.

I’m interested because I have a flight later in the week where I don’t expect my upgrade to clear (the flight was showing “F2” — only 2 first class seats for sale — even before the Executive Platinum upgrade window opened and now shows only “F1″…) and because Executive Platinum members are entitled to a complimentary buy onboard item, in addition to a complimentary cocktail. Unlike some airlines, it’s not coupon based and there’s no limit to the number of times in a year to take advantage of this benefit. You just show your boarding pass which displays Executive Platinum stats, or your elite card.

So an exit row seat, a cocktail, and a sandwich (and hopefully onboard internet) and I’ll be golden!

Stay tuned next week, and assuming I’m sitting in back you’ll get a report on American’s coach product!

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  1. You may be pleasantly surprised. I’ve gotten the last upgrade with F1, last minute ticket purchase with discount fare. Depends on the route, of course.

  2. I think you’ve sold-out. Even when it is today’s norm, there is no excuse for SELLING food on board. Especially BAD food. I’ve yet to see a bought meal that was worth even half the asking price. If the flight is long enough and I cannot upgrade, I find a way to bring my own.

  3. Cook, Gary touted AA’s food mainly because he is expecting to get it for free. Would he actually pay for it? I wonder.

    I am in your camp – sorry I won’t buy overpriced airline food, even when they tout it as “fresh” and from some renowned chef that no one ever heard of!

  4. OK, maybe not touting, but when you list all the specifics then say “I’m interested” and “a sandwich and I’ll be golden!” it sounds like a keen interest in it.

    I hope you are not disappointed. But if it is free, I wouldn’t be disappointed either. Just that I would never buy airline food. Do let us know what you think, in spite of Cook’s and my reservations!

  5. @John so is it wrong that I’m actually excited to try it? I suppose I fully expect to be disappointed. But for now I’m excited 🙂

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