Online Travel Review Clears Up the Confusion on Current Amex Bonus Offers

At least this resonates as being generally about right:

You can sign up for the Amex Gold Premier Rewards Card (here) and you’ll receive 15,000 bonus Membership Rewards points after $1,000 in spend. After you apply and are accepted, you can wait 24-48 hours until the card is in the system then you can call them and ask them to apply promo code 6661 to your account. That will bump your bonus up from 15k points to 75k points. There is some misinformation out there about using this code to add authorized users to your account. Ignore that. The authorized users bonus (10k per authorized user) is apparently expired. Code 6661 will get you the 75k points with $1,000 in spend, no other users necessary.

You can then call back or secure message them and ask for code 6664 to be added to your account. 6664 will get you 10k bonus points PER BILLING CYCLE for using the card 15 times within the billing cycle (NOT WITHIN THE MONTH) through November 15th. You’ll see this mentioned as a 50k point bonus, but at this point you cannot get the full 50k since it’s already August and, again, we’re looking at billing cycles, not months.

No guarantees this will work, of course. But the American Express Premier Rewards Gold card is one of the best cards out there these days with double miles on gas and groceries, triple miles on airfare, and the high value of the American Express Membership Rewards program which has instantaneous transfers to many mileage programs and frequent transfer bonuses.

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  1. 6664 is a tough one to get added. MR CSR says you must be NEW Amex customer (no previous cards at all), and only for people that got their new AMEX card since July 1, 2011. I got three new Amex cards in July but previously had the DL Plat card, so I was shot down by the CSR. Huge YMMV!

  2. promo 6664 is through oct. 1, not November.
    And it is possible to get, you just need to be willing to call more than once. Tell the CSR matter-of-factly that you got the promo offer in a letter in the mail, and would like to know if they will apply to your account.

  3. Was able to get bonus id: 6661, 6664 AND 5721 added today. 10K/AU apparently still works. If it helps I opened Gold Premier Rewards card few days ago.

  4. what is the correct toll free amex number to call, i keep getting bounced from one dept to another with no success

  5. has anyone else had csr say that they wouldn’t be able to apply code 6661? i tried twice and after much asking, i mentioned that i did get a promo (email/mail) and they asked for the rsvp #…said the four digit codes don’t work.

  6. I got approved yesterday and called today–successfully added 6661 and 6664 (they didn’t ask for any rsvp #s). They told me 6608 is only for Business Gold cardholders.

  7. I actually applied for this myself yesterday. Took 3 calls before I got someone to add 6661. I’ll wait until the card arrives to add 6664, I think.

  8. Tried two times over the phone to apply for the card with the 6661 promo code. No go without rsvp #. Did not want to chance not getting the bump with the 15K application.

  9. When I called to add the 6664 I was told that though it is 10K per month, since it is August I missed July so even if I complete the 15 transactions per month I will not get the miles… The rep said that after she read the whole T&C. I think I will try again today and see if I get the same answer…

  10. Gary, it would be nice if the comments here could have timestamps. The info offered by commenters here would be more useful if we knew whether it was recent or a couple of days old. Just an idea!

  11. I called to add 6661 and was told that it is only eligible for new card holders. I already have Starwood and Hilton cards.

  12. 6664 = no points for me. i sent secure message and called. rep said since i already rec’d the 75k points from code 5721 i would not be eligible for 6664.

  13. update: as of 8/19 i’m still able to get codes 6661 and 6664 added to my premier gold that i opened monday. call 800-297-1000 and be super nice!!! of course i will check after i do the spend to make sure the miles were posted. persistance!! : )

  14. For those that were able to get the bonus ID 6661 applied, have you had an Amex card before? I just called and the csr said it was only solicited for people who have never had an Amex card before and says that there is nothing he could do and that he would if he could…. I called back and got another csr that said I would have to wait 8 weeks and meet the minimum spend of $1k first before any other bonus ID can be put in. Any suggestions? Please help

  15. 8/21 I called and got almost the same as Amanda’s second call. CSR made a note in the account. I should spend the $1000 amd after the 10K bonus has been given for the account to call back again and can be given the additional 65K. Number called was MR no.
    800-297-3276 Also told 6664 is a targeted number I can’t be given.

  16. Same thing – I was told since I’ve had a Starwood Amex before, I can’t get any more than 15K for signup. Received this email from Secure Message Center:

    Dear xxx,

    While we appreciate your interest in the offer you mentioned, please understand that this is an offer only for solicited non-Cardmembers.

    I understand that this may be disappointing to you, but because many of our offers are targeted to specific types of Cardmembers, you can expect to see various promotions throughout the year for which you may be eligible.

    We continue to appreciate you as a Cardmember, and we strive to demonstrate this by providing the superior level of service that you deserve.


    Jitendra Punjabi
    Manager, Email Servicing Team
    American Express Interactive Services

    Gary – glad to see you’re posting people’s lack of success with these promos. Lucky seems to only be posting the comments from those that are NEW Amex cardholders?

  17. I’m still on hold, but a very nice and helpful representative is telling me that there’s NO possible way to add an offer code to a card that’s already been approved. She seems certain of this after talking to the new cards people.

    What department have you spoken to?

  18. Call Membership Rewards 800 nr, not the credit card number. I got the same response last saturday but then the rep transfered me to the Membership repwards group and they immediately notated my account for the 75k bonus (instead of 15k i signed up online for). Good luck!

  19. 8/30 See #18 above. I called again today and they flatly refused to honor 6661 saying it was only for people who never had any AMEX card.

  20. As of Sep 1, I was advised that codes 6608 and 6664 must be as a result of an actual solicitation from AMEX.

    After several previous calls and runarounds I was successful in getting code 6661 added to my new account. I currently have 4 AMEX co branded cards, and when I advised the CSR she finally agreed to add 6661 to the Premier Rewards card since I did not currently have a regular Amex card.

    Now it remains to be seen if they actually add the additional 60k miles after 4 weeks, or will I have to call them and ask to have them manually entered.

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